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Gathering around the backyard grill. Cooking with a campfire. Cheering on your team at the baseball stadium. None of these beloved summer moments would be the same without hot dogs. In honor of National Hot Dog Day, celebrated on July 23rd , we wanted to give a toast to one of Americans’ favorite foods. Why do I say favorite? Because Americans spent $1.7 billion on hot dogs in 2012, just in supermarkets, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. We’ll consume about 20 million hot dogs this year, the council projects. Burp. Hot dogs aren’t just for casual dinners, either; they have been served at the White House, and are even on the menu at the Vatican.

If you’re shopping for a hot dog lover, I have some gift ideas that should definitely cut the mustard. Check these out:

Hot Dog Necklace

This is actually a set of necklaces ($34.99 for both), designed for best friends or a couple. One person wears the hot dog, and the other wears the hamburger. This jewelry is  hand made by an artist who uses clay, not a mold. That means each necklace is unique. You want fries with that?

hot dog necklace


Swashbuckler BBQ Sword

Why use a plan old stick when you can use a Swashbuckler Barbecue Sword ($34.99) to make the ladies swoon? It even comes with a black mask so you can toast that wienie, Zorro style.


Dress Up the Dog

This hot dog costume ($30.01) puts a whole new spin on the words “pet food.” It’s for small dogs, and comes in two sizes; both are for dogs 20 pounds or less. How the dog will feel about this outfit, I can’t say, but it’s sure to make the humans chuckle.

hot dog dog costume


Dress Up the Human

Hot dog fans can wear this Café Press tee-shirt ($29) while eating a hot dog. How meta is that? It’s dark cotton, too, which will make it more forgiving of ketchup stains.

hot dog tee shirt


Gifts like these are sure to be … relished. But if you’re hungry for more gift suggestions, check out these edible gift ideas.

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