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Labor Day means summer is coming to an end, and it’s true, that’s a bummer. But look on the bright side, because Labor Day weekend means an extra day off of work. And an extra reason to throw parties, or have get-togethers on the beach, poolside or on the deck. If you’ve been invited to a Labor Day party this coming weekend, you may be planning to bring flowers or a bottle of wine. While those are perfectly fine, they’re a bit bland. My suggestion is to send flowers after the party, and to arrive with something fun and special for the host or hostess’s home when you get there. After all, you already know they love to entertain, and any of these are great for a social butterfly.

Casa Recycled Glass Pitcher ($29). This can be used to serve any cold drink, from margaritas to lemonade.


Mason Drink Dispenser ($69) Inspired by the classic Mason jar, this will please a host or hostess great for serving a crowd, because it holds 1.5 gallons.



Wine and beer-inspired tea towels ($28). People who love to entertain can never have too many tea towels around. They are great for lining baskets before you fill them with chips, for mopping up spills, covering a cork while you open champagne, and more. These are great because they aren’t fussy or too colorful; they won’t compete with whatever is already in the kitchen.


Juliette Oversized Serving Platters ($69). These classy, large serving platters will go with almost any home’s decor. I think they’d look great with grilled vegetables heaped on top, or a roasted rosemary chicken.


Ice Bucket With Tongs If you’re staying with someone for the weekend, consider splurging on a really nice ice bucket. This stainless steel version ($149) is wrapped with leather, which gives it a contemporary look, and can be personalized with the host’s initials.


A Set of Classic Margarita Glasses ($36) Not only are these made in the U.S.A., these margarita glasses are sturdy enough to withstand an actual party. They come in a set of six.


Vintage Blacksmith Flatware Caddy ($49). Rugged, ironsmith-style utensil caddy can also hold utensils. I love that you can have it monogrammed with the host or hostess’s initials.


How do you plan to celebrate Labor Day? Let us know in our comments section below.

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