Host Gifts for the 4th of July for Every Budget

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Heading to a BBQ or fireworks viewing party this Wednesday? You don’t want to forget to add your own signature to the event by thanking your hosts for inviting you with a gift. Showing up with a gift lets the host know that you are happy to be spending the holiday with them & you appreciate the hard work (and money) that they put into hosting the party.

So, here are a handful of gifts that will kick the celebration up a notch this 4th of July.

Chips & Guacamole ($10)

Chips and home made Guacamole should cost you around $10 to make & will be a huge hit. One of my favorites is Dos Caminos’ Guacamole recipe here in NYC. I like to add extra lime juice, but otherwise it adds some fiesta to the festivities. I also like to pair the guac with some Tostitos Hint of Lime chips. There really is something magic in the lime flavor that makes the guacamole taste even more incredible.

Party Favors ($14.99)

Show up with a little something that will bring the crowd together like themed noise makers, sunglasses or hats from your local Party City. I love this pack of patriotic noisemakers because it comes with 40 of them! Kids and grown ups will have a blast making noise for the fireworks and any other entertainment the host has planned.

Portable Cooler ($24.99)

Show up with a 6-pack in style with one of these Soft Insulated 6-Pack Cooler Insulated Beverage Carriers from Brookstone. Fill it with 6 of the hosts favorite bottles or cans when they’re ice cold. Let the host keep the insulated carrier for future parties, picnics and pool side lounging. Keeping beverages cool outside in the summer months is a herculean feat so giving this gift sort of makes you a God. I’m just saying.

Portable Plates ($34.99 for a set of 21 plates)

This is one of my favorite inventions of 2012; the Go Plate. This was designed with barbeques and tailgates in mind. They are the ultimate accessory for anyone’s summer soiree that involves food & drinks and not a lot of tables and chairs for eating. The plastic plate has a hole in the center that is the perfect width to fit over the neck of a bottle, a can or a cup. The hole is domed so that it rests securely on your drink while you eat. Genius! Go Plates can also be washed and used again and again. You will definitely be invited to their next party!

LED Bocce Ball ($99.50)

If you’re willing to shell out some extra cash, you will be the hit of the party after the sun goes down and before/after the fireworks with an LED Bocce Ball Set that glows in the dark. The game itself is so easy and fun that you can do it with a drink in your hand, but it’s competitive enough to keep you playing all night. The fun colors and lights will make the kids want to get involved and it makes it easier to identify the winner at the end of each round. And hey, if you really want to, you can take the set home with you & just bring it for everyone to enjoy at this and future outdoor gatherings. It can become your “thing” that you always bring. Talk about bang for your buck! After one summer, it will have earned its keep

There you have it. Some host gifts for the 4th of July for every budget that are guaranteed to make whatever type of party you attend a little bit more fun! Happy 4th everyone!

Of course, you can always go with an Uncle Sam Hat Pinata too! Kind of a juxtaposition, but let’s face it that piñatas are fun and leave it at that.

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