Hostess Gifts for Summer Soirees

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Summer parties can make any of us feel like we are on an extended summer break. Whether hanging out at someone’s pool during a daytime party or on someone’s deck after a delicious meal, the summer air can fool us into thinking we are kids on summer vacation. With all of the fun that’s being had, it can be easy to forget your manners. Don’t forget that a gift for the host or hostess is always appropriate and appreciated. This time of year is always a celebration and that’s why I put together a summer proof hostess gift list for all the fabulous parties and get-togethers you will surely be attending.

1. Unbreakable

A set of pretty melamine dishware or acrylic glasses is a great gift for any summertime hostess.  Far classier (and sturdy) than paper and much less risky than typical tableware, unbreakable tableware is a must-have for her.

striped melamine plates for summer parties

2. Thirst-Quenching

Summer means hot and next to a dip in the pool, an ice cold glass of iced tea is the best remedy for a scorching hot day.  I am always surprised how many people don’t have an ample sized unbreakable pitcher  to hold several servings.  Next time you are invited to a pool party, bring her a large pitcher so she doesn’t have to keep running back into the house to refill it every few minutes.

unbreakable pitcher

3. Family Fun

If the party is a full family event – a fun backyard game is a great gift to bring along, provided they have a backyard big enough.   I am a big fan of the old school games like Horseshoes or Bocce Ball. They are easy to learn and play for a wide range of ages.

summer party yard games

 4. Full Bucket

Every backyard should have its own Party Bucket.  If you have noticed she is still using an old Styrofoam cooler, this is the way to go.  Make sure to get a tub that can fit at least two cases of bottles/cans and or 6-8 bottles of wine.

patina party tub

5. Plant-her roots

Instead of going the traditional flowers route for a hostess gift, a beautiful plant for her backyard is a great summer choice.  Something yellow or pink  will work great in anyone’s backyard – no matter the size.

hostess flowers

Check out more Hostess Gifts  here and let me know if you have any other suggestions for Summer Hostesses.

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