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This gift idea is for young newlyweds. It’s an ideal creative shower or wedding gift, one that any good friend or relative can put together, and not only do you give them a present, you save the couple from the dreaded early onset bickering. The happy couple deserves to stay in the honeymoon phase as long as they can and believe it or not, a trip to the beach can start an argument. Why? Because there’s this amazing thing about husbands and the beach. They think that you just go, and it’s that simple. Ha, ha, ha! If only. Guys, don’t you need food? Water? A towel?! Honestly. So here is my guide for pre-packing a beach bag so that the couple doesn’t have to argue over whether things like sunscreen and towels are truly necessary.


Beach Bag

To fit the gear of two full-size adults, you need something with serious space. I love the canvas tote bag ($79.95) from Red Envelope because it’s a great size, well-made and is something that even Mr. Man might be willing to be seen carrying. It’s 19 inches wide and 13 inches tall, the perfect beach bag size for a couple.


The Essentials:


Beach Towels

I’m not sure if guys just expect to drip dry on the sand or what, but everyone really does need a towel. I like these all-cotton rugby stripe towels from Land’s End ($29) because the colors are fun yet gender neutral. Still, you can personalize these with names if you want to make sure that the couple doesn’t argue over which towel belongs to who.


This is a more manly colored beach towel as well.



No, fellas, a towel isn’t a beach blanket. You need the towel to stay sand-free on the blanket so that you can comfortably dry off and lounge. I usually opt for a flat sheet. But, if you’re putting together a beach bag for the happy duo, go all out and get a legit blanket like this Picnic Time Sunshine Blanket Tote ($29.99) It won’t even take up extra space in the main bag because it comes with its own strap!


Sun Protection

No matter how invincible he thinks he is, he’s no match for the sun. The Kiss My Face Sunspray Lotion ($10) is water resistant, has an SPF of 30 and sprays on easily so that he doesn’t have to feel like his mom is lathering him up with that goopy cream she used on him as a kid. Put this in their bag and he might not put up a fight to resist sunscreen.



Hydration is key to surviving, and enjoying, a day in the sun. As a Bikram Yoga addict, I learned the power of water and the power of a great water bottle. That’s how I found the Hydro Flask ($30). This double walled, 40 oz. behemoth will keep cold water cold for hours so that they can feel refreshed, as well as hydrated, when they take a swig. Because, let’s be honest, nothing is more disgusting than a swig of warm water out of a plastic water bottle on a really hot day. Gross.



There’s always at least one team member who gets bored five minutes after settling onto the blanket. So save them both with a fun activity that doesn’t require too much effort. Something that is lightweight, easy to pack, and doesn’t require too much effort to use is a swim mask like this Speedo Adventure Mask ($17.99)  Buy two so they can make googley eyes at each other under water and look for sand dollars together. Aw.


Snack Storage

The couple also doesn’t want to have to make a decision about where to eat because that could be a recipe for a disagreement. So, head that off at the pass by giving them a way to pack up some food for waterfront dining. You can check out our Inside the Beach Bag: Edible Edition to see what we would make to serve at the beach and how we would pack it up!

Now your happy couple can enjoy countless days at the beach enjoying the sun and each other’s company. That is, if the husband remembers his bathing suit!

Want more inspiration? See what else we think makes for a cute beach bag gift, and what else is hot this summer!



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