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When Spring comes around we usually think of showers, flowers, and Memorial Day but, we are forgetting about one of the most important events of the year. It’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month Have you adopted a pet from the shelter or rescued one from being abandoned before? Share with us the story of bringing home your little buddy to celebrate this important month!

Of course it’s an exciting moment when you bring home your new kitty cat but it can be very intimidating for them to be in an unfamiliar place. I am going to show you a few products that will help make any cat feel right at home!

The #1 basic necessity for a cat is a litter box like the Booda Dome Clean Step , it has a removable dome that lifts off and has a built-in handle to allow easy access to the box when cleaning! Another great comfort would be the Petstages Easy Life Hammock and Scratcher that creates the perfect perch for kitties to stretch, lounge, scratch and settle in to their new life! And, it’s made with solid corrugated cardboard to satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch! Lastly, a personalized pet bowl like the Kitty Kitchen Small Bowl, features a fish bone design with their name in the center of the bowl! It’s official, he’s a keeper!

Once you settle your new kitty at home you will want to start getting fun toys like the Petlinks System Pure Commotion Electronic Activity Cat Toy that causes a whirlwind of activity with the simple push of a button. You’ll have the ability to pre-set playtime up to two hours to entertain your furry friend! This is perfect if your cat has loads of energy or gets sad when you leave. It’s also just fun to watch cats go nuts over all of the moving pieces. It brings out the tiger in even the most tame house cat.

Adopting and raising a pet in a new environment is not easy at first but with all your love and attention, anything is possible! Don’t forget to share your rescue story to spread the word about Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and the ASPCA.

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