New Year’s Resolutions 2013 My Way!

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This year I want to take more time for myself and be less stressed. Last year, when I took a cruise to Bermuda I didn’t want to leave the island because it was so serene! Getting to spend my day by the beach and carefree was amazing. But, I definitely want to have a few things with me this time around that I missed while I was away. I dream of travelling around the world and taking in the cultures of different countries, but all I really want to do is be near a beautiful beach with clear water and white sand with a coconut in my hand.

Usually, when I get ready for a getaway I put all of the chargers for my favorite travel gadgets in a ziplock bag and call it a day. But, all of the cables get tangled together causing me to waste precious beach time separating them. I decided that I cannot leave home without the Ready 2Go Travel Cord Organizer since it will keep all of the cords from my electronics neatly separated in a bag!

As we all know, being a woman is not easy and everywhere we go we need to have our jewelry and accessories to keep us feeling chic. The L.L Bean Travel Jewelry Organizer holds everything I want to take along. It is a double-sided case with one side that holds necklaces and another side that has trays to store rings and bracelets!

Another essential part of my 2013 travel plans is a Ralph Lauren Cashmere Cable Travel Set. As much as staying in a hotel or cruise ship with all the amenities is great, having my own blanket to remind me of home is the best way to settle right in to my new home away from home.

Lastly, all my skincare products and hair care products are usually in shopping bags, because I assume they won’t spill…but I am always wrong! They find ways to leak even though I check a million times that the caps are tightly closed. The Napa Leather Toiletry Bag with Removable Pouch is perfect to carry everything I need for my fun filled vacations this year while keeping the liquids from spilling on my sandals.

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