Pi Day: Eco Geek Chic Gifts

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From reusing to recycling, composting to CFL light bulbs, being environmentally friendly has become the new norm. It’s great to be conscious of our everyday actions and how they impact Mother Earth, but it can be difficult to come up with gift ideas that say “save the Earth” and “celebrate” at the same time. But here at Gifts.com, we love a good challenge. Here are a few gift ideas our Gift Gurus found that are just perfect for the eco-geek in your life.

Who says geek and chic can’t coexist? These gorgeous “Jacqueline” earrings ($130) are 100% eco-friendly and beautiful, to boot. Each teardrop is cast in 100% recycled brass then gold or and silver-plated. The “Cari” earrings  ($120) are another fashionable option, also made from 100% recycled brass with a sterling silver chain.









Linked in, indeed: these Wi-Fi Hotspot Cuff Links ($249.95) offer cutting edge connectivity no matter where he travels. One cufflink serves as a 2GB USB flash drive to store digital files, while the other serves as a personal Wi-Fi hotspot for laptops, smartphones, tablets and other wireless devices (sorry, Mac fans, these are Windows-compatible only). The rhodium-plated base features a stylish silver finish.




Due to its propensity to grow quickly and rapid renewal, bamboo has become a favorite material for building materials, furniture, paper and more. It’s also the casing for this smart USB flash drive ($24.95). Both Windows and Mac compatible, it holds 2 GB of information and can be engraved with the monogram of your choice.



What’s more environmentally friendly than ones you don’t have to wrap? You can support sustainable farming practices and help artisanal maple producers by adopting a Vermont Maple tree ($119.95). Your giftee will receive a picture of the tree and savor four bottles and grades of its liquid bounty all year—pure, unblended, and free of additives.



Save the environment one gift at a time with a donation to a favorite charity ($20). Perfect for a last-minute gift that offers timeless benefits, you’ll be giving so your friend can give back.

Happy Pi Day, and for other gift ideas for geeks, visit Gifts.com.

Jennifer Glatt is a copy wrangler and travel writer based in Wilmington, North Carolina, but will happily travel anywhere her assignments take her. She has never opted to open a gift “on time” if she could open it early without being fussed at.

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