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GiftToppers_thumbnailNot surprisingly, I love giving gifts. That said, I’m not super crafty and am no gift-wrapping aficionado. But, one easy way to zip-up a bland box is by adding fun and unique gift toppers. There are a million directions to take here, but think either “decorative” or “mini-gift”. A creatively topped package really enhances the gift you’re giving; and sometimes the topper is just as good if not better than what is beneath the wrapping! You can even add something that ties into the main present.


Gift-Toppers_2For instance, if you are giving luggage, you can adorn the wrapping with a fun passport cover. The beauty is in the details! Kids also love gift toppers. If you are gifting to a child and want to decorate the package, think about something lighthearted that they can really use. One easy option to appeal to their taste buds. Cute candies or snack foods will always be appreciated by tiny tots. I like candy canes at Christmas or lollipops for birthdays. Fun pencils, pens, pencil sharpeners tie on easily and will definitely get used. If gifting clothing to kids, I usually like adding a little something they can play with. Small toys like cars or animal figurines both look great and will be appreciated.

Gift-Toppers_3For the sentimental person in your life, try adding something that pulls at the heart strings. A nice note or card always works, but take the gift to the next level with a nostalgic photograph tucked under the package ribbons. Write your note on the back of the picture and you’re done!

Gift-Toppers_1To add some glamour to plain packaging you can also step outside and use nature for inspiration. Tucking a sprig or leaf from your yard under a bow or tying it on with twine will make your gift even more memorable. Fresh flowers always look lovely in the spring and summer months, and in cooler month’s leaves, pine cones and even twigs will make the eco-bohemian in your life very happy! You can truly use any bit of nature to create a unique and beautiful gift presentation.

Gift Toppers 5Lastly, if you are looking for something inexpensive and fun there are plenty of mini-gift ideas for adults. Try adding a travel sized bottle of the recipient’s favorite spirit. Lip glosses or brooches for fashionistas, memorable ornaments, and kitschy novelties are a few ideas for cute and affordable toppers that will help turn your gift wrapping from average to excellent.

For more ideas on gift wrapping, check out our All Wrapped Up Pinterest board.


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