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They say it’s the “most wonderful time of the year”, and as one who finds fun and unique gift ideas for a living, I have to agree. So, while these products are definitely some great recent finds, they of course, can double as great holiday gifts and awesome stocking stuffers.


The holiday party circuit seems never-ending. Whether you’re hosting or attending, the Bar10der is the tool you’ll want to have on hand. If you’re thinking “love child” between a Swiss Army knife and a complete set of bar tools, you’re on the right track.  Equally super as a gift for a host or a budding mixologist. Open, zest, muddle, strain, slice and stir like a pro…with just one amazing 10-in-1 tool.

You used to spend money on home entertainment on components that play music, now because everything plays music, it’s all about spending a little more to make your music sound amazing. The Play:3 from Sonos is a top-of-the-gift-list gift idea that offers amazing sound to fill any room in the house. With easy setup, the Play:3 will wirelessly stream your music library, music services and radio stations from your mobile devices. If you’re pondering someone’s “big gift” for this year, you can stop your search now.

Manly-ness has never been hotter. Combine a white hot trend with the fact that finding gifts for guys is usually a challenge, and you’ll be thankful for Mancrates! Mancrates are basically dude-centric themed gift sets that come in wooden crates (with a crowbar to open them!). They’re off the charts for “WOW!” factor and a ton of fun. Two (of the more than a dozen available) I love are the Zombie Survival Crate and the Grill Master Crate!

We can’t live without our mobile toys, but unfortunately we have to live with their mediocre battery life. The BoostTurbine2000 from Eton is a friend indeed when you have urgent battery need. The BoostTurbine2000 is a portable battery pack which when charged can fully power up a dead phone. It also can power gadgets via a hand turbine if you’re really in a pinch. Power to the people. Pssst…stocking stuffer alert!

The holiday season is always a great opportunity to get a guy out of some his (very) well worn gear and into some new duds. The Off-Season Shirt from Eddie Bauer First Ascent is a safe yet stylish shirt that could easily turn into go-to gear for him. The shirt is a combination of outdoor performance and daily grind gear. Great for work or outdoor play and travel, but the accent color lining and stitching are details that make the shirt really versatile.


A huge trend in gaming in 2012 has been the attempt to breakdown the divide between console and casual/mobile gaming. The MOGA Mobile Gaming System is at the forefront of bridging this wide gap delivering excellent game play option for those on the go (or at home!). The MOGA controller fastens to your Android (only for now) smartphone for that console gaming feel. But just as importantly, MOGA has been working with the top mobile developers and publishers to offer much more precise and exciting games that have previously been available in a mobile format. GAME ON!

A new kid on the “go-to” tools block is the Black & Decker GYRO Rechargeable Screwdriver. The GYRO is very cool because it’s motion-control operated (vs. power button). So, if you want to drive a screw, simply have the GYRO in hand and rotate your wrist to the right. Want to take out a screw? Just rotate your wrist to the left. The amount of force of the motion dictates the force with which the GYRO is powered. Cool tech for the toolbox.

From in-home tech to in-car tech, driving while operating any type of mobile device is dangerous and just a really bad idea. Minikit Neo by Parrot is a great hand-free option for the car. Just clip the unit to your driver’s side visor, pair your phone via Bluetooth and you’re set. All controls are voice activated just simply say “Minikit” and the name of your contact and the call is placed. An amazing feature is the unit is activated upon entering the car so battery life is optimized.

I’m a chronic over-packer and I still always forget stuff. Just when you think you’re done packing, you realize you still have to pack your toiletries. With the Art of Shaving’s Mid-Size Kit, help is on the way! The easily packable kit has four smaller sized (TSA-friendly) products – Pre-Shave Oil Pump, Shaving Cream Pump, Genuine Badger Shaving Brush, and After-Shave Balm Pump. So maybe you can bring one less bag for that long weekend trip. (site and app) is a cool resource to help you decide what and when to buy something. Aggregating user reviews and expert reviews) on highly sought after products like TVs, camera, and home appliances, then does historical pricing analysis and advises on when is the right time to buy the best gear. The research is free and for $30 a year (or $5 a month pay as you go) you’ll have access to research to help “decide” when is the best time to buy. Also, as a subscriber, if Decide gets it wrong with their price prediction, they’ll refund you the difference. What a great way to buy.



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