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pregnancy_guideIt is crazy hot out and I’m 5 months pregnant. And, I might be a sun lover, but I can’t stand being hot. The summer is just beginning and I’m on a mission to figure out how to survive the next three months as a pregnant woman that are usually my favorite months of the year. I’m writing this guide for all of the sun loving pregnant ladies out there to help get us through the long, hot summer. Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean we have to suffer. And, in case anyone who is friends or relatives with us is reading…ahem…these all make perfect gifts for the mom-to-be!

1. Empire Waist Sundress

Just because a pregnant woman’s body is changing, isn’t a reason to hide the assets she still has! An empire waist sundress like this adorable Old Navy Maternity Chambray Sundress lets the mom-to-be show off her new curve (her belly!) while still flaunting her old one (her waist!).  There are loads of adorable maxi dresses and shorter lengths that are effortless to put on and make it simple to look great.

Old Navy Maternity Sundress

2. Comfy Sandals for Swelling Feet

The KorkEase Myrna Classics are what I’m obsessing over right now. They’re wide enough to grow with my prego feet, they’re insanely comfortable, and they’re pretty nice looking too. Of course, KorkEase has other awesome styles that might be more up your alley, but you can’t beat the fit for summer no matter which style you go with.

Korkease Myrna Classics

3. Insulated Bottle for Cold Water

If there’s one thing you hear over and over again as a mom-to-be it’s, “Drink lots of water”. Well, Hydro Flask has been my go-to since I became a Bikram Yoga fan. But since I’m out of the hot room while I’m growing my baby, I have another use for this amazing insulating re-usable, bpa free, water bottle. It is essential to beating the summer heat! Fill it with cold water and it will stay cold all day. It’s pretty incredible. They come in all sorts of colors and sizes so pick the one right for you.

Hydro Flask

4. Cooling Leg Lotion

Let’s face it, being pregnant makes you swell and so does the heat. That equals a lot of discomfort in the summer. Body Shop Peppermint Cooling line to the rescue! Whether you want spray, gel or lotion, this stuff will stimulate the skin and create a cooling sensation that will help reduce swelling and sanity.

Cooling Leg Lotion

5. Pregnancy Healthy Sunscreen

Pregnancy malasma, also known as chloasma, also known as “the pregnancy mask” is not fun no matter what you call it! To help prevent facial skin discoloration throughout pregnancy, put on a decent and safe sun protectant every single day. I love Belli Anti-Chloasma Facial Sunscreen because it is made especially for pregnant women so it does all the right things with all the right ingredients.

Belli Pregnancy Facial Sunscreen

6. Light and Flattering Cover-up

I just went to a wedding in New Orleans and knew I would be spending a lot of time poolside while everyone else was at the bars. But, this was my first time out as a pregnant lady and I can’t stress enough how much my lightweight cotton robe saved the day. It was light enough that I wasn’t dying of heat in it. It covered me up well and most importantly, it will be able to grow with me thanks to the wrap and belt style. I felt glamorous and appropriate. I actually have UncommonGood’s upcycled Cotton Sari Robe and highly recommend it.

UncommonGoods Sari Robe

7. Chic Swimsuit

Spending time in the water is not only refreshing, but keeps your body temperature regulated and relieves the extra strain on your body from carrying those extra pounds. You just have to get over the awkwardness of your big belly and you’re fine. One answer is a great maternity bathing suit. I bought one from ASOS Maternity, but I also love the Old Navy Maternity Sweetheart Swimsuit.

Old Navy Maternity Sweetheart Swimsuite

8. Amazing Sunglasses

This is one purchase that you’ll use pre and post pregnancy so you can feel ok about splurging a teensy bit. I love the oversized cat eye trend right now and think they look great on just about any woman with a little sass. Dior’s Cat Eye Sunglasses are pretty much my dream sunglasses because they beg for attention which means less focus on the growing hips and belly regions. Win win!

Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses

9. Mock-tails Cookbook

There is nothing more refreshing in the summer than a cold cocktail. I have been dying for a margarita, ice cold beer, or fancy and relaxing cocktail. But, I know better and have myself a seltzer with lime. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to get in on the fun while everyone else is? I found some great mocktail cookbooks like Mocktails: The Complete Bartender’s Guide that let us pregnant ladies test our mixology skills sans liquor. Of course, when all else fails we can always order a “virgin” version of just about anything.  But do you think a margarita will taste as good without tequila? I’m not convinced.

Mocktails Bartender's Guide

Other summer must-haves:

  • bobby pins for cute and easy updos while letting the breeze get to your neck
  • fold out fan for your purse (public transportation can be treacherous in the summer and this will save you)

Now, pregnant women everywhere, spread the word so that we can have the best summer ever with our newest addition to the family safe and sound inside our growing bellies!

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