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Work and play all in one day! It’s Take Your Dog To Work Day! If you love your doggie like I love mine then you wish you could bring him with you everywhere all of the time! Well today is a special day that celebrates these great companions and offers a fun, summer Friday for employees!

Take your Dog to Work Day also encourages others to have a better understanding of how dogs interact with others. Most pups don’t misbehave or act crazy. Most of all, according to an article in The Telegraph, bringing your furry friend to work can actually increase morale and productivity!

Being in the office with all the dogs is great but what dog travel gear do you need to get them there & keep them comfy? Don’t fret I have the solutions for everyone who has a small to medium sized dog!

If you are a commuter who drives to the office then you will want to get the Pet Gear Aqua Car Sear Carrier. It has a quick and easy zip assembly and heavy-duty handles so that your dog can be carried into the office in style!

Another dilemma many people face is taking their dogs on public transportation. There is a simple solution. You want to have a Pet Gear I-Go 2 Pink Traveler because it is a five in one that has telescoping handles with wheels to roll or can be used as a backpack, tote or as a carry case. It can literally go wherever you’re going with ease.

Lastly, instead of carrying the heavy dog bowls from home, you can use the L.L Bean Travel Dog Bowl. This bowl is waterproof, lightweight, folds into a compact size and only costs $15! Trust me when I say that you will get some serious use out this if you like spending time outside with your pooch or like taking him on the road with you. It lets you share your bottle of water without being gross. Watch this video to see what I mean, but the choice is yours!

Take Your Dog To Work Day is an exciting event nationwide! Will you be getting in on the action? Tell us about your experiences with pups in the office!

Picture Courtesy of Take Your Tips

Check out this video of Bring Your Dog to Work Day at our old parent company IAC.


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