The Best Gifts for Libra Men

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Charming, upbeat Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) men are easy to fall for. Flirty while dating, yet faithful once committed, Libras make wonderful mates. Famous Libras include indie actor Jesse Eisenberg (who is turning the big 3-0 on Oct. 5),  ab-tastic Hugh Jackman (Oct. 12) and Matt Damon (Oct. 8), who seems to be able to nail any part he plays, from Liberace’s lover to a macho action hero. Libras also have great senses of humor, and you can see this with funny actor Bob Odenkirk (right on the cusp on Oct. 22), from “Breaking Bad”, and John Krasinski (Oct. 20) of “The Office” fame.

Libras are known for being attracted to the field of law, as they are interested in justice and balance. If your Libra man is a lawyer, these Scales of Justice Cufflinks in silver ($200) are perfect for hard day in court.

lawyer-cufflinksHowever, this sense of balance can also make it hard for Libras, who can have a hard time making decisions because they can see a situation from all sides. A funny gift like a Magic 8 Ball might help him, but I think a classy desk compass ($49.95) would be a loving, solid assurance that he’ll know which way to move next.


Speaking of compasses, Libras enjoy traveling overall, so a gift of luggage or a personalized luggage tag would be appropriate. A leather weekender ($475) will get years of use and just look better and better as the mileage adds up. Or go with a leather and canvas businessman’s backpack, ($198), which is less expensive but still stately.


backpack-business-travelerSilk is a good choice for Libras, too, because they enjoy things of beauty. A silk tie or luxurious silk boxer shorts ($50) will satisfy that need for elegance.


Lastly, according to the Astrology Cookbook, Libras do well on a diet with a lot of protein. Maybe a meaty manly gift is in order, then, such as the Bacon Gift Box ($49), which features goodies like bacon jerky.


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