The Best Gifts for Libra Women

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Social, smart and sexy, Libra (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) women always make a memorable impression. Libras are known for being powerful, and you can see this in the likes of Kate Winslet, born Oct. 5, who famously rescued a 90-year-old woman by carrying her out of a house fire. Actresses Naomi Watts (Sept. 28), “Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey (Oct. 3) and Catherine Zeta-Jones (Sept. 25) are all equal parts steel and womanliness. Our own Guru, Dana Holmes, is born Sept. 25, and true to her Libra nature, excels at turning creative concepts into reality. Happy birthday, Dana, and happy birthday to all the Libra women out there!

Libras make great lawyers, as they are interested in justice and balance. Give her a way to carry all her files back and forth to court with a roomy tote bag, like this one by MZ Wallace ($195). This bag is made of nylon, which not only makes it lighter to carry, but appropriate if you are shopping for a vegetarian or vegan who might not wear leather.


On the other hand… Sometimes Libras have a hard time making decisions because they can see a situation from all sides. The Kate Spade decision-making die ($30) can come in handy when trying to make all those hard calls, like, “Should I order Thai or Chinese?” “Wear the red blouse or the turquoise sweater?” and, “Fire him or demote him?”


Libras enjoy things of beauty and opulence, such as luxury bedding, so consider silk sheets or a silk pillowcase as a gift for your Libra. You could also wrap her in a silk/cashmere scarf, like this one by J. Crew ($76).


The gemstone for Libra is opal, so you could do well with a pair of opal and diamond earrings ($375). Libras also love emeralds and sapphires, so that is another option for making them sparkle as much on the outside as they do on the inside.


Known for their love of travel, Libras will gladly take off on a spontaneous adventure, or plot a long-awaited dream trip. A luggage set ($349) would be a good option for a wanderlust-filled Libra.


Libra women are drawn to vanilla and almond scents, so a fragrance gift like a vanilla perfume ($58) or a body/bath oil in Almond Cookie ($20), like this one by Carol’s Daughter, should delight her senses.





Still looking? We have other ideas for the perfect gift for your favorite Libra woman and check out our Horoscope Gift Guide. Want to see our thoughts on all of the signs (including yours)? Read our shop-by-the-zodiac blog posts.


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