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Happy New Year! Oh, did I say that a little too loud? Sorry! If you woke up this morning feeling the wrath of grapes, the Irish flu, the hurtin’, if you are red-eyed and bushy tongued, well, you’re not alone.  We can help you with some gift suggestions for these, shall we say, “post-refreshment” moments. Now, for a hangover cure, here are some ideas from, where experts tell us that greasy breakfasts and a round of Bloody Marys don’t actually help ease the headaches and upset stomachs brought on by too much alcohol. Party poopers!

A big, sloppy breakfast is not what the doctor ordered, but it’s what millions of American drinkers swear by come New Year’s Day morning. Skip the long lines at the hot brunch spots and instead make yourself a nice breakfast sandwich while wearing your sweatpants. This Hamilton Beach sandwich maker ($37.98) helps you whip up breakfast in five minutes, and saves on cleanup because you don’t use multiple pans. Who has the energy to do pans, anyway, when you have an egg sandwich to eat and a binge viewing of “Scandal” to watch?




The image of the lady pictured on this book jacket says it all: She had a lovely time at the party and now, in the cold morning light, still wearing her sequined dress, she just wants to die. How to Cure a Hangover ($13.22) contains both “hair of the dog” cures and non-alcoholic remedies.




The best cure for a hangover is not drinking too much. Yeah, we’ve heard that before, and we all know how well it works! So these Blowfish effervescent tablets are probably far more useful than glib advice. Fifty tablets are $49.99, so you’ll have a big box you can share with your fellow hard-partying friends.



How nice would a long, hot soak feel? A bath caddy ($79) and super plush robe ($84.99) will be awfully comforting on a hangover day.

mercer-bathtub-caddy robe










Lastly, you can hide some of the effects of last night’s debauchery with the right beauty products, such as concealer, moisturizer and energizing Bliss eye masks ($54). Just because you feel like crap does not mean you need to look like crap.



Happy New Year, and don’t worry, you’ll feel better tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy our other New Year’s themed blogs, including the five most popular gifts of 2013 and champagne themed gifts.

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