Top 10 Cutest Hello Kitty Gifts!

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After receiving a handful of questions about Hello Kitty products on the Facebook Page, I knew it was time to talk about my favorite character and products that we can all have fun collecting! Like all Hello Kitty fans, I have the basic bed sheets, pencil cases, and even hair accessories with her adorable face on them. But, now I’m having a blast collecting all of the incredibly cute products for my kitchen and home. I know you will too! See my favorite new Hello Kitty ideas here and tell me what I missed below!

What is your favorite Hello Kitty product, ever?

1)      Hello Kitty Table Lamp ($37.99) – Hello Kitty can make any room into a girly wonderland and my living room is no exception! I like the fact that her paw is right near the chain so that when you pull it, it looks like she is turning it on and off herself.

2)      Crane Hello Kitty Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier ($49.99) – Winter nights can be harsh on our skin and especially our noses but not with a Hello Kitty humidifier. I have one at home and it is so nice to see my favorite Hello Kitty while staving off the dehydrating heater!

3)      Hello Kitty Magenta Hair Dryer ($31.49) – Who doesn’t want to dry their hair with Hello Kitty’s face on her hair dryer? I definitely want to! The one button control is so easy to use that this boring chore becomes fun. Thank you again, Hello Kitty.

4)      Hello Kitty Slow Cooker ($19.99) – We all know that cooking dinner is not always enjoyable but, with this slow cooker Hello Kitty makes the experience so much better. Slow cookers make preparing meals a cinch and serving it out of a super cute Hello Kitty container is the cherry on top!

5)      Hello Kitty Hand Mixer ($19.99) – If you’re going to bake, the least you can do as a Hello Kitty lover is to use the Hello Kitty Hand Mixer.  This is definitely for people of all ages and so irresistibly cute.Its cuteness is one of the many reasons why this is one of my favorite products to use at home.

6)      Native Union The Hello Kitty POP Phone ($34) – Add Sanrio style to every call and enjoy being able to put your phone down while you talk with the Hello Kitty Pop Phone. The retro handset works with all devices and the best part is that the ear piece has little Hello Kitty ears!

7)      Hello Kitty Wild Thing Makeup Palette ($49) -  Vamped up Hello Kitty makeup? Yes, it’s true. How can we deny ourselves this zebra print, Hello Kitty shaped makeup palette full of amazing colors made for us ladies? This is not your little cousin’s Hello Kitty makeup! I love that this palette comes with a Hello Kitty shaped compact mirror for on the go, too.

8)      Hello Kitty Charmmy Kohl Eyeliner Kit ($29) –If you’re not used to using eye shadow and like eyeliner instead, this eyeliner kit is just what you are looking for… since it‘s Hello Kitty of course! The kit has 7 pencils in different colors from the basic black to purple and baby blue! Whatever your mood is, you can express it with eyeliner!

9)      Hello Kitty Big Pink Bow Perfume ($58.00) – Haven’t you always wished for a grown up scent for us Hello Kitty lovers? Well, now there is one! The scent of Hello Kitty perfume will take you to a happy and tropical paradise. This combination of pineapple, pink honeysuckle, and fresh coconut is delicious!

10)   Hello Kitty Pancake Maker ($51.81) – As a big Hello Kitty fan, I was really excited when I saw that I can make breakfast with her! The pancake maker allows you to make pancakes in the shape of Hello Kitty herself. A purr-fect way to start the morning!

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