Toys Kids Love That Parents Loathe

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Every kid has a favorite toy that their parents can’t stand. So when buying gifts for the little rug rats in your life you may want to think twice about giving them something that will drive the parents bonkers. When you start shopping for kids’ toys it’s important to pay attention to age guidelines on packaging and to tap in to something you know they like. Whether its sports, princesses or a certain TV show, you can’t go wrong with a toy that sparks their imagination.  But, it’s also important to keep the parents in mind if you want to stay in their good graces. Of course, some parents love these toys as much as the kids do and you know them better than us so use your best judgment. But, here is a list of things that most kids’ love and pretty much guarantees to make parents want to pull their hair out. If you decide to pick up one of these gifts, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Have you ever given a toy that made the parents nuts? Tell us your story!


There is nothing more appealing to a little girl then sparkles, but cleaning up the mess can be a nightmare.  Glitter just equals guarantee to be finding it all around the house for years to come.


Nothing more annoying than hearing your little one with no rhythm bang and bang all day long. If you secretly don’t like someone buy their child a drum set.

Giant Stuffed Animals

While a huge teddy bear may look appealing to buy….don’t! Buying something gigantic may become a storing nightmare especially if mommy & daddy hate clutter.

Permanent Markers

Bad idea. Period.

Microphones & Voice Changers 

Children are loud enough; they don’t need any accessories to raise the volume of their voice. Also there is nothing more annoying than hearing “mommy” or “daddy” over & over again in a Darth Vader voice. But, if the parents can manage to get this away from the kids for five minutes, they’ll probably have just as much fun with it!

Puzzles or Building Sets with a Million Pieces

I think building sets and puzzles make great gifts but buyers need to be very conscious of the amount of pieces and level of difficulty.  The last thing any parent wants is a pile of a million small pieces on the floor wanting to pull their hair out trying to put something that looked so simple on the box together.  Also guarantee to have most pieces lost by the end of the week.

Anything that involves food

I loved my easy bake oven growing up that I was only allowed to play with once.   Kids love to create their own tasty concoctions but parents hate the mess that it makes. Avoid buying these toys unless you know the parent is pro letting their child play with edible toy food makers.

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