Your Mom Doesn’t Want That!

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We surveyed more than 1,000 American women to set the record straight on what Mother’s Day gifts are doomed and which are destined for greatness. The survey explored what mothers want, what their children think they want, and what moms actually get.

Moms don’t realize the stress that they cause by saying that they don’t want anything for Mother’s Day. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this survey provides a crystal ball view into moms’ minds and makes planning her day a lot more successful.

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Surprisingly, 16% of mothers don’t want to hear from or spend time with their children on Mother’s Day! So, what do they want? This survey will help everyone upgrade their Mother’s Day plan.

Room for Improvement:
10% of people think mom wants the house cleaned for Mother’s Day. Actually, 30% of moms want it, and only 2% have gotten it. However, a handful of respondents noted that they were going to do chores around the house for mom as her gift.

Moms Do Want The House Cleaned!

Is Too Much Enough?
50% of moms with school aged children don’t want more time with their little ones on Mother’s Day (50% do!). 50% is nothing compared to the 70% of moms with adult children who want quality time with their kiddies.

Moms are Turning into Techies:
Ok, so it’s not a huge number, but 15% of moms want electronics for Mother’s Day whether it’s a new phone, a new TV or a new computer.

10% of moms want a new mattress. Mom needs a good night’s sleep folks!
25% of moms want a photo keepsake. Who says that memories aren’t the best gift?
30% of moms want something for their garden. Some believe that gardening is like mediation, maybe that’s why moms covet their time in the dirt so much.
25% of moms want to go on vacation. Now, this is something I agree with! Give mom a break, but don’t let her plan or pack anything. She needs to let go for a weekend.
57% of married women buy their Mother-In-Law a gift for Mother’s Day.

Moms Do Want Gifts For Their Garden!

50% of moms don’t want to go out to eat for Mother’s Day. And, of the 50% who do want to go out, only 8% want to get dressed up. Is it too much pressure?
90% of moms don’t want a “World’s Best Mom” gift, yet 30% have gotten one.
67% of moms don’t want flowers on their big day but a staggering 73% get them. Yikes!
75% of married men don’t buy their own mother a gift. Tisk, tisk.
18% of Mothers-in-Law don’t get a gift at all. Now that’s just sad.

Moms Don't Want...


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