10 Fall Favorites For Guys

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If forced to make a choice, I’m pretty sure I’d pick Fall as my favorite season. The sports, the weather, the food and the whole getting-back-into-the-rhythm-things vibe suits me perfectly. With summer now in the rear view mirror, our sights are now set on making the most of fall. Here are some of my newly harvested autumn favorites for the fellas.

Fall is all about transitioning. One must-have accessory is a “non-summer” pair of sunglasses. A great pick is the American Optical “Gold Aviator Sunglasses”. The aviator style is a timeless look. Not only do they look great, but these shades are American made (the official US Air Force sunglasses) and a sweet value at $45.

A while ago, I said keep an eye out for the budding headphone brand SOL REPUBLIC. Their latest release is the TRACKS ULTRA headphones. These are a notable step up from their TRACKS headphones in sound, style…and price. The eye-catching metallic turquoise headphones with white ear cups stand out big time. Great sound and (just as importantly for me) all-day comfort have made the ULTRAS go-to gear.

There are two types of guys. Guys who love quality shaving products and guys who have never tried quality shaving products! The Art of Shaving’s Ocean Kelp collection is a great 4-piece set to try out some excellent face-saving products or just to update your grooming game in general. The set has a crisp, clean, and light scent.  The pre-shave gel is a stand out for me.  Each of the four pieces can be purchased separately.

A LifeProof iPhone case is the way to protect your iPhone (…and now iPad!). Once you have your LifeProof case, you’re gonna want to get the Bike & Bar mount. Fall is the best time for bike rides and now you can take some fun video clips along the way.

Fall is also a great time to take on home projects. The FuBar demo bar is a forged high-carbon alloy steel by Stanley and is more than up to the task for many a home project. Demolition jobs such as pulling nails, prying up floors, ripping out drywall…you name it, FuBar’s got your back. This is an extremely manly tool guys should have in their toolbox.

The Polaroid Z2300 camera is a brand new retro favorite. The Z2300 has an integrated printer so pictures to be taken, edited and printed in less than a minute. The compact shooter is perfect to take along to all the fall tailgating parties and will be a handy companion on road trips!

Fall is annually when gamers start to see blockbuster titles hitting the shelves.  Assassin’s Creed III (available 10/30) will be a huge title with gamers getting their fill of combat and violence artfully set against jaw-dropping backgrounds. “Nike+ Kinect Training” for XBOX (available 10/30) is more of an experience than a game. The Kinect technology allows for an interactive, results-inducing workout program with all sorts of social sharing components available.  Madden NFL 13 is yet another very impressive evolution of an incredible game. Just released a few weeks ago, the game has been glued into my XBOX.

Fall = Road Trips. It’s a fact, so be sure to pick up the FXR3 from Eton and stash it in the glove box or the trunk. The FRX3 is a hand-turbine (and solar powered and battery powered), AM/FM/NOAA weather ALERT radio with USB smart phone charger and LED flashlight. Yeah, it’s pretty much exactly what you’ll need on the road (or even in the house) when things don’t go as planned.

And speaking of road trips…you’re going to want a bag that can be ready at a moment’s notice.  The Adventure Weekender bag from Eagle Creek is a perfect travel partner ready for those 2 or 3 day jaunts to wherever. Its lightweight and just the right size. Another feature that scores points with me is having both the backpack straps and handles for two carrying options. Add on the bag’s “Lifetime Warranty” (“covers workmanship and materials against defect for the entire life of the product.”!) and you’ve got a bag that will probably be up for more travel than you!

Cologne is a personal thing, but important to consider mixing in a new one every so often. Fall is a great time to sample some new scents and start getting it into the rotation. Hugo Boss BOSS Eau de Toilette is now officially in my arsenal. The first time make your way out with new cologne it kinda feels like the first day of school. You pretty much know everything’s the same, but at the same time, it kinda feels a little different too.

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