Trendy Stocking Stuffer? Reusable Cups!

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There are reusable shopping bags, lunch containers, and heck, even reusable sandwich baggies! But one thing that I have seen more of this year than any other is the reusable cup. The reusable cup shows that people are trying to make sure they get their eight glasses of water in each day, and that they want to do so without throwing away thousands of water bottles each year. Well done!

These cups come in an unbelievable variety of themes, colors, shapes, and materials imaginable. And, there are actually a lot of people getting in on the craze of making them. I have seen these cups everywhere from ladies at the grocery store, to friends bringing water in the car, to full displays at department stores. I can’t deny that there is a cup craze going on! So, if you want to give a practical but trendy stocking stuffer, this is a great one to get. Fill it up with jellybeans, m&m’s, or hershey’s kisses for an extra touch of fun. Here is a round-up of a few different versions of what I think will be the stocking stuffer of the year.

Trend: Mustaches

Tervis Tumblers came out with this fun line of reusable cups printed with one of the most popular images of the year…the mustache. You can get your Tervis Tumbler Mustache Collection cup ($20) with a lid, a straw, or just plain open top. You can also personalize it! They have a bunch of other great designs for everyone from collegiates to kids, but the mustaches are my favorite because they seem to be one of the only cups out there taking the mustache trend on the road via reusable cup.

Trend: Stainless Steel

Who doesn’t love the sleek, modern look of stainless steel? It’s practically synonymous with anyone’s vision of a “dream kitchen” and that sleekness can be portable, and affordable, in the form of a reusable cup. I love this Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler ($26.95) that will keep your beverages hot or cold while you’re in transit or locked down at your desk all day. You can also personalize it with up to 3 initials for an extra classy monogrammed look.

Trend: Reusable Straws in Reusable Cups

These Acrylic Double Wall Tumblers  ($13.92) are a favorite of my cousin in Phoenix who wants to get her daily dose of water (it’s even more important in the desert!) and wants to keep it cold while she’s out on her errands. The straw makes it easy to drink out of while driving or shopping or walking for that matter. And, the fun colors make her want to collect them all.

Trend: Chalkboards on Everything

With the invention of chalkboard paint, came the trend of chalkboard on everything. It is somewhere in our childhood DNA that makes us love writing anything we want on our very own chalkboards. And, the fun continues on this I Am Not a Paper Cup Chalkboard Edition reusable cup ($12). This cup is actually made of black porcelain, not painted with chalkboard paint, so you don’t have to worry about chipping. The handy chalkboard surface will make it easy for you to remember your keys, your phone, or a special note from your special someone?

Trend: Modern Wallpaper Prints

Whether it’s on greeting cards, beach totes, towels, or anything home related, modern wall paper prints abound. These prints are inspired by Moroccan designs but converted into a pop style that makes them modern and fun. Enter the Stinson Non-Paper Cups, Set of 2 ($15.98) that make your daily travels feel exotic, chic, and oh so fabulous.

Who knew that reusable cups were such statement accessories? Well, now YOU do! I hope that you get one for everyone on your list and one for yourself too. Consider your stockings (partially) stuffed!


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