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The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world’s largest gadgets and electronics trade show. It’s massive! And it is NOT open to the public. With over 150,000 industry attendees (like me) on hand to check out over 2500 exhibitors showcasing the latest technology that is ready for your living room, the 1.6 million feet of exhibit space is a gadget fiend’s paradise. Everyone from the big names like Sony, Xbox, and Samsung will be there. But, sometimes the most unique and incredible ideas come out of the smaller, more creative players. And from today through January 8 – 11, I’ll be your eyes on the floor.

Consumer electronics (tech products that you can buy at your local electronics stores) are still a white hot and fast growing gift category. I watch the numbers creep up every year in searches on Gifts.com for every age group and every personality type.

CES gives me a chance to get sneak peeks at what could be the hottest gadgets of the year, and to test out the newest technology before it hits the shelves. CES also is a great place to spot the bigger picture trends and make some predictions about the electronics scene in general.

The volume of products shown at CES is staggering, but I love perusing the convention halls of Las Vegas in search of cool products that will make great gifts or additions to any average Joe (or Jane)’s life. My perspective is different than your typical gadget geek because I look at this stuff from a real life, regular people angle. Would anyone like to get this as a gift? Is this technology something that really revolutionizes things or is it just trying to get press? Who is this product good for? Will anyone really use it? I’ll translate the “tech geek” speak I hear on the floor into tid bits that will make it easy for anyone to get in on the conversation.

For the best of CES 2013 come back early and often. And, for a look at some of the stuff I’m lovin’, as I’m finding it, check out and follow our CES 2013 Pinterest board.


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