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Few things are more enjoyable to me than sharing a cup of tea with a good friend when it’s cold outside. I fell in love with tea when I studied abroad in England, learned to love it even more when I taught English in China, and still love a simple cup of loose leaf tea 13 years later. But, it wasn’t always as easy as it is now to find someone up for sipping a delicious cup of loose leaf tea here in the USA. I couldn’t be happier that teas are finally trendy and I am now much less likely to get a snicker from my American friends when I ask if they want to come over for a cup of tea and conversation. Thanks to this upswing in tea popularity stateside, there are also now tons of fun accessories that make drinking and steeping tea feel less stuffy and more modern. The 21st Century tea drinker has a sense of humor and independence, after all.

After seeing a few cute tea infusers at the New York International Gift Fair last year, I started hunting for more. Well, I didn’t have to look very hard. There are now so many great tea infusers that they have earned their own blog post. They are so creative that you’ll want to get some loose leaf tea just to try them out! These little guys make a great gift for tea drinking novices and aficionados alike. They aren’t very expensive, so you can match them up with a nice tin of Kusmi, TSalon, or Teavana loose leaf tea to make an unforgettable and fun to share gift.

What is your favorite tea infuser in this collection?

1. Tea Leaves Tea Infuser $11.59 – Silicon has really opened the door for new designs in tea infusers and this is a perfect example.

2. Eva Solo Tea Infuser $21.58 – What’s not to love about this super modern design that is big enough to infuse an entire tea pot.

3. Tea Sub $11.95 – Perfect gift for Beatles fans!

4. Made by Humans Floating Apple Tea Infuser $8.52 – Get it? A bobbing apple? Yup, we think that’s funny.

5. Kikkerland Monkey Tea Infuser and Drip Tray $7.49 – Hang his little arm over the edge to make it easy to remove your tea for the perfect steep.

6. Arta Tea Infuser and Saucer $24.45 – This is genius. Just flip the saucer over and the little acorn rotates into your cup, while the saucer rests on top keeping the heat in. After the optimal 2 minute steep, you flip the lid over and it collects the drips from the acorn while you enjoy your tea.

7. Tea Infuser with Rest $3.95 – For the low budget modernist, this is your tea infuser.

8. Sharky Tea Infuser $7.54 – Get a hibiscus tea or another tea that steeps red to make the most of this shark fin swimming in the cup. This is definitely more for dudes than frilly ladies.

9. DCI Tea Rex Tea Infuser $10.39 – I laugh every time I see the name of this. The Tea Rex is perfect for getting kids or your goofy husband into enjoying tea with you.

10. Deep Sea Diver Loose Tea Strainer $14.95 – Send your diver down to the bottom of your cup to steep and bring him back up by tugging on his faux air hose.

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