5 Ways to Spot a Bacon Addict

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It’s no secret that bacon is the meat du jour. But, has your child, spouse or significant other been swept up in the bacon mania? Are you wondering if there’s a full-blown bacon addiction going on? Baconfreak.com has compiled this list of five signs that someone is addicted to bacon. If you answer “yes” to any of these statements, then we have good news. Gift giving is going to be a lot easier. A bacon lover’s gift is just what you should be wrapping up for your bacon addict’s birthday, housewarming, thank you or host gift.

1. Bacon Goes Beyond Breakfast

Does he or she add bacon to recipes that most wouldn’t even think of? Like, say, a cupcake or cocktail? We suspect the bacon addict has also snuck bacon into main courses and side dishes that go beyond the standard BLT.

2. Daydreaming About Bacon

How many times a day does he or she think about bacon? You can ask, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get the truth. If he avoids eye contact and mumbles an unusually low number, or if she unabashedly, enthusiastically declares a double digit, bacon addiction is highly probable.

3. Exhibiting Bacon Style

Does he have a collection of snarky bacon t-shirts, a bacon tie or socks?  Then, bacon toothpaste, Band-aids and body wash are probably in his bathroom. If they’re not, they should be!

4. Making Own Bacon

Craft brews might be all the rage, but “making bacon” is also rising in popularity. This involves curing and smoking a slab of bacon at home. It’s a painstaking process that gives the bacon perfectionist complete control over the flavor and cut of this magical meat.

5. Has a Bacon Reputation

He or she is already labeled a bacon lover among friends and family. Usually, they earn their title because of the steady stream of bacon news stories and funny bacon memes on Facebook and their knack for finding a way to fit bacon into the most unsuspecting conversations.

So, if your loved one constantly thinks about bacon, wears bacon, smells like bacon, eats bacon and makes bacon, then yes, you know a bacon addict. Hey, at least they are easy to shop for!  Check out our favorite bacon lover gift ideas for inspiration.

This post is courtesy of Dawn Hubbard, who writes content for www.baconfreak.com. Thanks!

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