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Having April Fool’s Day fall on a Sunday is bittersweet news for sure. While April 1st may be my favorite NGH (Non-Giftable Holiday), some of the fun is being able to pull pranks on your co-workers.

So this year we have to remember two things. First, it’s fair game to prank family and friends early and often as they’ll be your closest targets. And second, you have this Gift Guru’s permission to extend April Fool’s Day to Monday April 2nd to make sure ample tomfoolery will be spread at the work place.  So here are a few of my April Fool’s favorites.

For the home, a great way to go is to short sheet everyone’s bed. Short sheeting a bed is a timeless, and easy prank to pull on kids, roommates, spouses, etc.  Best part is that the old short sheet, is basically the last laugh last of pranks because the payoff is delivered when the victim is hitting the hay.  Another I like, if you have little ones (…or even if you don’t), is wearing the Emergency Clown Nose all day- and pretend like you you don’t have a clown nose on! Another classic, while harmless, will certainly land you in a little hot water….maybe literally. For this one, just use a rubberband to squeeze the kitchen sprayer trigger to the handle (and leave the kitchen!). Then wait. When the wet prank goes down, you’ll hear swearing and shrieking, but hopefully you’ll get the April Fools Day pardon.

The game plan at work, is usually a lot more fun. Taking the comedic prop route, you’ll find you’ll get a lot of mileage out of a fun gadget like a remote control rat! But really there’s no need to spend any money on a solid prank. In fact, let the unsuspecting victim shell out the dough when you place a pizza delivery order in their name using their phone number (PS- don’t stiff the delivery guy….pick up the pizza, but let your co-worker sweat it out for a bit). Lastly, a Gifts.com specialty is highjacking a co-worker’s email while they are away from their desk and sending out a company wide email professing your love for everyone and every thing (including unicorns…(inside joke)).

The key is, have fun, because April Fool’s Day only happens once….or twice a year!

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