Celebrity Dad Gift Guide: Bear Grylls

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Our fascination with celebrity culture is an unyielding guilty pleasure.

When it comes to gifting, Gifts.com loves to star gaze because a) it gives us some great on-trend gift ideas and b) celeb watching helps us feed the notion that gifting is aspirational- meaning, good gifts often tend to cater to recipients’ hopes and desires.

So with that in mind, we’re happy to present out celebrity-inspired gift ideas for Father’s Day. Are any of these fellas dad’s alter ego?

For me, in an aspirational sense, I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to anything survival skills related. TV shows, books, gear, you name it, if it involves the outdoors and getting (into and) out of sticky situations, I’m on board.

Maybe it taps into primal survivor instincts, but I can watch shows like “Man vs. Wild” and actually think I might have what it takes to manage with just my wits and the little gear I have on me. Truth is, nothing could be further from the truth. I get a little panicky the second, my empty light illuminates on my gas gauge. But there is definitely something about a list of gifts inspired by an outdoorsman dad like Bear Grylls that’s just up my alley.

As for the gifts, Bear Grylls himself released a line of “Survival Series” gear which is as good a place as any to get Dad off the couch and tapping into his inner skillful outdoorsman. One idea I love is the “Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Kit”. The 16 piece collection includes a Gerber multi-tool, a fire starter, a pocket survival guide and loads more. A no-brainer for dad to stash in his pack on his excursions or even a nice kit to stow in a car’s glove box.

If that’s too tame for dad, the “Ultimate Knife” is a an amazing featured-loaded, fixed blade survival knife that’s geared towards guys who live for straying off the beaten path. Still to tame for dad?

Then just go for it and get the “Parang Knife”. Something about this machete style tool that’s about as manly as it gets. You will never see a guy more eager to clear that overgrown yard brush that’s been mocking him since early Spring. This thing should come with an automatic 5 year Man Card renewal exemption.

But frankly, your favorite dad’s reality might not align with his ambition. For the spirited wanna-be outdoorsman dad, Bear’s “Worst Case Scenario” DVD might be right up his alley. Here are some more gifts inspired by intrepid outdoorsman.

Also, not to worry if Dad is not the outdoors type. With more gift ideas inspired by celebrity dads such as Adam Sandler, Jon Stewart, Mythbuster Adam Savage, or even first time dad Nick Cannon, you’ll find some great gift ideas for your favorite A-Lister.

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