CES Trends 2013: Power to the People

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After perusing literally acres of the newest consumer electronics at CES, you start to see clear themes and trends as to where tech is heading.

And while the latest 4KTVs and some of the more fun and gimmicky products (hello iPotty!) get a lot of attention, there are some distinct product categories that are new or are just hitting their stride that stand out big time. Here is the first of three tech trends that continue to evolve and impress!


Smartphones and other mobile gadgets continue to amaze, but is impressed with the battery life of mobile tech?  CES was loaded with products and companies that are trying to add life to gadgets when batteries go dead.

Otterbox makes a living making rugged cases for all types of mobile tech. Their newest latest entry into the category layers smart battery technology onto their extremely rugged Defender Series cases. The “Defender Series with iON Intelligence” case itself includes built-in added battery life, but the real cool part is comes from the “intelligence”. The phone works with an app that helps regulate and optimize battery life touting doubled battery performance. (available “before the summer” $ TBA)

Added battery life is sometimes an urgent necessity. Eton makes gear made for emergencies. From blackouts to bigger natural disasters, a way to power devices can make a huge difference. The BoostTurbine 2000 is a backup battery you can plug your gear to give it a full charge. The device also has a hand crank that will charge your mobile gear manually. Two minutes of hand cranking will allow you to make a minute long call or fire off a few text messages in times of need. (available now for around $60)

Lastly, a company called TYLT makes an aptly named product called the Powerplant. Ideal for power-on-the-go, the Powerplant can provide two full charges to a smartphone (one full charge to a 7″ tablet). The compact device is small and stylish and will hold its charge for an entire year – perfect for connected travelers. (available now for iphone and other smartphones for b/t $70 – $75)

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