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The Gift: The new Fusion ProGlide Styler by Gillette (available now for around $20)

The Scoop: Gillette just recently released the Fusion ProGlide Styler. After a few weeks of test driving this 3-in-1 shave and styling tool, there’s little doubt this $20 gem should find its way into a guy’s grooming repertoire.

Firstly, the ProGlide Styler is a great shave. Used in the shower or out, the ProGlide’s Power Blades provide an extremely smooth shave. Add some micro-pulsing “power” from the razor and you have a really tight shave with such little effort.

Next, the “Styler” component is courtesy of an engineering collaboration with Braun. Because the Styler has a gripppy, rubbery handle, the trimming and styling of facial is both easy and precise. Shaping up a goatee, sideburns or beard has never been easier. Three different attachable guide combs will give a guy consistent trimming at the length he wants.

Finally, on the back side of each blade cartridge, there’s an edging blade which allows for very precise and crisp facial hair details. Ideal for the finishing touches for a highly styled look.

Overall, most times, a gifting run to the local pharmacy is a last minute, panicked option. However, a quick trip to the drugstore for the Fusion ProGlide Styler, as gift for a guy, makes a lot of sense.

There are certain products guys really would love to get, but probably won’t pick up themselves. The ProGlide Styler is a great example of this type of gift.

A Great Gift For: Guys who shave! And especially guys who define their style with a little facial hair styling. Loving this one for a quick last-minute gift option forĀ  Valentine’s Day!

* Gillette sent a Fusion ProGlide Styler for use and review.

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