Don’t Forget: Daylight Saving Time is Sunday!

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It is that time of year again where we all begrudgingly lose an hour of sleep in order to appreciate another hour of sunlight in the evening. My favorite part about turning the clocks ahead is that it means we’re that much closer to spring!

Here’s a little history lesson for you.

The US has had a sordid past with the old ‘changing of the clocks’. Benjamin Franklin wrote about its importance in 1784, but the USA didn’t adopt it until 1918 after we entered WW1. But, it was repealed after 1919. It came BACK briefly during WW2. See a trend there? But, standardization of peacetime Daylight Saving Time didn’t occur until 1966.


Q: What was the reason that got DST on the calendar for good?

A: When people have more hours of sunlight after work, they shop and spend more.


So, if we’re going to take advantage of these extra hours of daylight, we’re going to need something to help us wake up & stay out late. One of my favorite recent finds is Caffeinated Popcorn! It just so happens to be the most perfect companion, next to a Starbucks Gift Card, that will help you get your 2nd wind and enjoy the sunshine.

Happy Daylight Saving Time!


Thanks to Wikipedia for the trivia!

(Spiral clock image courtesy of “Fast Eddie”)


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