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Cole Porter wrote it in 1953. Ella Fitzgerald sang it. So did Frank Sinatra. Even Lana Del Rey sang it on tour in 2013. “I Love Paris” is the quintessential song for Francophiles everywhere, a timeless tune sung about a “timeless town.” The je ne sais quoi of France makes it a place we dream of, jet-setting there mentally when we need a little escape. How can you spot a Francophile? See that young woman in the striped shirt, wearing ballet flats? She’s one. And that guy, sipping red wine at the café? He’s one. too. If you know a Francophile, here are four gifts inspired by the City of Lights (cheek kisses optional).

Une Gâterie Sucrée (a sweet treat)

What’s more French than a delectable macaron? Twenty-four of these light meringue cookies are yours in this heavenly sampler ($44). Three each of eight flavors include a cocoa shell with chocolate ganache filling, an espresso shell with salted caramel cream filling, and a freshly roasted pistachio shell with raspberry cream filling. Bon appétit!




Les Belles Fleurs (beautiful flowers)

Bring a little floral romance inside with a French Market Bulb Garden , a gorgeous combination of orange tulips, scilla, jonquils, muscari and hyacinth in a rustic wooden container ($49.99).




Pour Une Fille Voyageant (for a traveling girl)

For the girl-on-the-go, a pretty pastel macaron trinket box ($10) is a delightfully French way to stash earrings, spare change or pills in her purse.



Pour Une Pause-Café (for a coffee break)

Break out the French press and enjoy your morning coffee in these delightful Eiffel Tower stacking mugs ($14.99).



For more gifts a Francophile will love, such as a Paris Metro Cuff or the cult-classic cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, visit Gifts.com.

Jennifer Glatt is a freelance copywriter and travel writer based in Wilmington, North Carolina. She has yet to spend enough time in Paris, although she’s been thrilled to visit Nantes, Strasbourg, and enjoyed a river cruise down the Rhine thanks to her travel writing assignments.


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