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To find out what the trends are for flowers in Fall 2012, I went straight to the source. I was lucky enough to interview Addie Flynn, Assistant Merchandising Floral Designer, at ProFlowers, based in San Diego, CA. I asked her about her amazing job, her love of flowers, tips for arranging, and of course what the trends are for this season. Thank you, Addie, for your time and brilliant ideas. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I think that a bouquet is almost always in appropriate gift. What’s your favorite flower?



Q: Do you really have the best job in the world or what?

A: Ha ha, well I am very lucky to have a job that I enjoy in an industry that I am passionate about. I really enjoy being able to be creative in a number of different ways, and I love that my job is very unique.

Q: What’s a typical day like at work for you?

A: I will tell you about my favorite (and most exciting) day of the week- Fridays. Typically on Fridays, I head straight to the flower mart, which is located in Carlsbad and pick out flowers for our office displays, which are located in both of our buildings. This allows me to get out of the office, and be immersed in all of the seasonal products that are available.

Q: What’s your busiest time of year?

A: Most people may think that Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday, but any floral designer will tell you, that Mother’s Day is by far, the busiest day of the year.

Q: What are your favorite flower scents?

A: I love, love, love the smell of garden roses. During spring and summer, it is literally impossible for me to walk by a garden rose without smelling it. I live the phrase “Stop and smell the roses”. It sounds totally cliche but it is one of the simplest pleasures of my life.

Q: Who is your flower arranging idol?

A: Jeff Leatham, hands down. Always has been, always will be. I just love his design aesthetic- simple, clean, and bold. His designs are so dramatic, but it’s really all about the flowers. He is a legend in the floral industry, and he has really made people think about flowers in a whole new way.

Q: Can you share any tricks of the trade for people arranging their own flowers at home?

A: Clean off any leaves that will be below water level. Always cut your stems at an angle and immediately put them in room temperature water. Keep them in a cool area. And, always recut every few days

Q: What recommendations can you give to someone who is on a budget but still wants to have flowers that have a “wow” factor?

A: One way to really get a lot of bang for your buck is by using bud vases and mixing them with candles to create a table scape. I would recommend looking for different shapes and sizes, but maintain the same color palette throughout.

Q: How far in advance do you start gathering ideas for Fall?

A: I am always gathering ideas for every season, but typically we work in a year cycle. So right about now, I will start designing bouquets and accessories for next fall. Here at ProFlowers, we have a room that is wall to wall cork board that I use to collect ideas for each season.

Q: Well, what are the trends you are seeing for this Fall?

A: Think organic and rustic. I am noticing a move away from more tight compact design, into a more loose and airy, natural direction. This year fall is really all about texture- try mixing everyday flowers in fall tones, with specialty items like millet, fall foliage, artichokes, or even pinecones. Incorporating fall fruits, and branches is always big this time of year too.

Q: Where do most of your flowers for Fall come from?

A: Everywhere! The amazing thing about fall is that you can literally walk outside and see fall grass, and fall branches popping up all around you. I am from the East Coast, and this time of year the summer hydrangea in every yard is giving way to gorgeous ornamental grass. Here in California, local terracotta colored roses are hard to ignore, and Millet, which is one of my favorite fall products is taking over the flower market.


Addie was born and raised on the North Shore of Boston. She began her career working at a specialty floral boutique. After graduating she moved to San Diego, CA where she continued her work in the floral field, freelancing at a number of floral studios. After 2 years of event work, she joined the ProFlowers team at their headquarters in California, where she now works as an Assistant Merchandising Floral Designer.


See our other fall trend reports for more fall inspiration. We’ll be posting about the trends all week, so check back daily for more ideas.


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