Father’s Day Gift Kickoff!

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Now that moms have been very deservedly honored, it’s time to start focusing on the dads!

This year, Father’s Day is June 17th. And it’s common knowledge that dads tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to gifting on their big day! But as a Gift Guru, it’s my job to rally the gifting troops and point out some great ways to find a gift a great Father’s Day gift.

So here are 7 sure-fire ways to come up with some super gifts ideas for dad.

#1. Does your dad remind you of a certain celebrity? Annually, we love to come up with some really fun gifts inspired by some of today’s most popular personalities. So whether he’s a “Guy’s Guy” like Adam Sandler or whip smart like Jon Stewart, we’ve got cool gifts that will appeal to his inner-star.

#2. Another way to gift for dad is to just think of our favorite gifting letter – “G” ! When it comes right down to it, there are some universally appreciate gifts that dads love and they all conveniently start with the letter “G”. Our guide, “The Five Gs Of Father’s Day Gifting” focusing solely on those big five. Gadgets, Golf, Guy’s Gear, Grilling Gifts and Gift Baskets.

#3. If you would like to start a gift search for dad from scratch, there’s no better place to start than our Father’s Day headquarters.  Whether you’re looking for something traditional or a little out-of-the-gift-box, you’ll be able to find scores of gifts, as well has very helpful gift advice from our Father’s HQ.

#4. Dad’s one of kind for sure. One way we love to offer help is by giving you gift suggestions based on his unique personality. Maybe the most fun way to find a gift for dad is via our quick little personality quiz. Answer just five questions or so, and you’ll be amazed with the cool stuff we find for him that complements his personality.

#5. A really helpful way to find just the thing for dad is to think “H.E.R.O.”. Aside from describing our dads, HERO refers to a four-step process to guide you through the search of finding a great gift. Hobbies, Expense, Recent interaction and Optimization are the key components you need to think about to get the perfect gift. Our H.E.R.O. guide can be found right here.

#6. Lastly, some of you like the really wide net approach. You say “show me everything you got!!”. Well, you asked for it, you got it. You’re just one little click away from seeing literally thousands of hand-picked gifts just for dad!

#7 Pinterest anyone?  Get inspired with our Father’s Day board We’re constantly pinning this year’s favorites for dad!

With that, we’ve just kicked Father’s Day into high gear!



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