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Kids love celebrating their friends and Friendship Day has been the official day to do it since 1958 according to wikipedia. Friends make us feel special and important. They also give us people our own age to talk to about life. So, what makes a great Friendship Day activity or gift? Our teen & kid trend experts weighed in on how your kids can celebrate this important occasion.

Liz T. – Kids’ Editor

During my childhood years was nothing more special than my very best girlfriends. Here are a few ideas to help your child honor the people who are there to wipe away the tears, laugh until their bellies hurt and overall be a partner in crime.

For their very best friend I love the personalized best friend tee from chasing fireflies. This super cute tee is the perfect way to gloat about who your best friend is.

For the girl who has a big group of friends I love the idea of friendship bracelets . Not only is this a great activity to bond over but everyone gets their very own special keepsake to symbolize their group relationship.

For the creative group of friends who love to write I love “me and my friends: the book of us”. Girls will love filling out this book together. It’s filled with pop quizzes and prompts to record memories, wishes, activities and dreams.

Michelle D. – Teen Editor

Teens looking for Friendship Day gifts for their pals have their choice of gifts that run the gamut. From jewelry and movies, to DIY crafts and personalized presents, the possibilities are endless. Most importantly, a gift can be a way for teenagers to show good friends just how much they mean to them. Here are a few of my favorites!

This delicious Handmade Ham & Cheese Best Friend Necklace $34.99 is a way to stay connected, even when miles apart. The collection even boasts a Rock, Paper, Scissors option that ensures no one gets left out this Friendship Day!

The classic film Stand By Me on Blu-Ray $9.99  embodies those unforgettable childhood summers with your best friends. Grab a bowl of popcorn, throw a pajama party with your friends and enjoy this heartfelt adventure!

The Friends Forever Personalized Printed Frame $22.95  is fantastic because it allows the giver to choose what its recipient likes best. Decorate the frame to your liking and then add a favorite picture of you and your best friend to keep that special memory alive.

Who could forget the classic friendship bracelet? This Friendship Bracelet Kit $11.99  is an easy and affordable kit that’s great for teens looking for a fun summer activity. Just read the easy how-to guide and start braiding! Bonus: the cute bracelets you make are just as fun as the time you spent making them.

Want more inspiration? See our post on Best Friends Day for a more grown up spin on celebrating friends. And, check out all of our favorite Friendship Gifts.

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