Gift Tip of the Day: How to Handle Gifts You Don’t Like

December 26, 2010    |    By +
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It’s a question that comes up every holiday season, what do you say when you receive a gift you don’t like? I’m all for giving a physical gift rather than money or a gift card, it shows that you made an effort to get something you think the recipient might enjoy. Unfortunately, you have a 50/50 chance of it being something the person actually likes.

After receiving some less than appealing gifts from a close relative, I struggled to find a response when they called to ask if I received my gifts in the mail. I’m a terrible liar and have trouble drumming up fake enthusiasm, not all of us can be Meryl Streep. But I reminded myself that telling someone you don’t like their gift doesn’t benefit anyone, myself or the giver. So here’s a couple of stock answers for accepting those less-than perfect gifts.

1) These are so hot right now.

2) I don’t have anything like this.

3) I needed one of these.

4) I love this color

5) Are you a Mind Reader?

6) Now THAT’S a present!

7) You must have paid a lot for this

8) I was JUST talking about this, the other day.

9) Ooo I just saw one of these in the store.

10) Oh, my friend has one of these and loves it!

And remember, it’s all about the delivery.

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