Giftee Awards: Top 10 Best Gifts Under $25

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With your help, we found the best of the best in the 2012 Giftee Awards wih 10 amazing gift categories! And, big thanks to the help of the Giftee Awards Judges  in trimming down the nominees from over 5,000 total to 10 for each category. Trust me when I say that there were SO many others we wish we could have included & some that we just didn’t ‘get’ at all.

Your holiday shopping is in the bag if you use the Giftee Awards as your guide!

Nowadays, it seems like people’s wish lists are full of pricey gifts that only a few people can actually afford, but not all gifts have to be expensive to be worth giving. The Top 10 Best Gifts Under $25 is a collection of great gift giving items and or stocking stuffers that will leave you saying, “Great gifts don’t have to cost a fortune after all!”

So, without further ado…here are the Top 10 Best Gifts Under $25.00

1. Bear Grylls Survival Series Basic Kit - $14.99 – The Bear Grylls Survival Kit is one of this year’s 2012 Giftee Award Winners, taking the title of ” Best Gift Under $25″! This kit is ideal for hard-core outdoor adventurers and backyard scouts alike, the Basic Kit has everything you need to stay safe and alive until you can be rescued or rescue yourself. The eight-piece kit contains a lightweight ripstop nylon bag with waterproof zipper, a Gerber Mini-Para frame knife, an emergency whistle, a fire starter, waterproof matches, a snare wire, an emergency cord, and cotton ball fire tinder.

2. Black + Blum Lunchpot $23.00 – The two pots have an ingenious watertight locking seal. It allows you to separate your yogurt and granola, or noodles and fruit salad and is the perfect vessel for carrying your breakfast or lunch to work. includes spork and carry strap microwave and dishwasher safe.

3. Bella Donut Maker - $8.49 – This do-it-all donut maker from Bella lets you serve up homemade mini doughnuts in no time flat (or round)! Baked instead of deep fried, these delicious treats are a healthier choice whenever you crave something sweet.

4. Cupcake Measuring Cups  - $22.95 – This set of measuring cups is absolutely beautiful. The fun design features ceramic cupcakes that nest together. What a creative and charming way to do some baking! Made by Two’s Company.

5. Single Wine Tote $14.00 Even if you can’t take a trip through the rolling green fields of France’s wine country or Napa Valley’s scenic vistas, you can still carry some of that beautiful land with you wherever you go. Pack up your favorite vintage with extra joie de vivre in one of these handy, wine region bottle totes. Each cotton canvas bag is emblazoned with two bottles; one side bears the name of one of a key wine district, and the other lists the historic towns within it or featuring a simple map of the region.

6. Fortune Cookie Maker - $24.99 The Fortune Cookie Maker lets children (and adults!) write, create and decorate fortune cookies right at home. Children just write down their fortune, combine the included mix with water, heat in the microwave for a few seconds, knead and roll out their dough and then place it in the Fortune Cookie Machine. With the push of a button, their fortune is deliciously sealed and is ready to decorate and eat within 10 minutes! The Fortune Cookie Machine makes up to 12 cookies, and is fun for the entire family.

7. Hidden Animal Mugs - $21.00 Keep tea parties full of surprises with these extra-roomy ceramic mugs sculpted with owl, fox and bear figurines inside each cup. Like china from Alice’s tea party, each whimsical piece is sure to bring imagination with every sip. Drink up to reveal your hidden animal!

8. Pet Treat Launcher - $24.99 – Make treat time into a fun game for your pet, when you shoot their snacks from this exciting Pet Treat Launcher. It turns exercise into self-rewarding play when your pet goes chasing after kibble snacks that can fly up to 10 feet away.

9. Personalizable Wine Cork Trivet Kit - $14.95 – A tribute to the love of wine, the trivet kit is a fun way to put all those corks they’ve collected to good use. Perfect for dinner parties, it serves as a decorative rest for hot plates, pots and casseroles. All they need is a healthy wine habit to fill them up. Half the fun is in the making! Includes one cork that may be personalized.

10. Travel Stub Diary - $14.95 You’ll never forget the summer you slept under the boardwalk with your siblings, your honeymoon in Paris, the cross-country road trip you took after college, and with this Travel Stub Diary you’ll be able to relive those adventures again and again.

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