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With the opening of “The Lego Movie,” the first full-length feature showcasing Legos, the little blocks are enjoying a true moment in the sun. Not that Legos have ever gone out of fashion. After all, there’s such a sense of satisfaction when you press one Lego block into another and feel them click snugly together. A little Danish company founded in 1932 built a toyland empire on that feeling—and more than six billion Lego bricks later, kids today still can’t get enough of it. But if you haven’t looked at Lego since your own set went into the attic, you’re in for a surprise: the formerly one-size-fits-all Lego box has evolved into a smorgasbord of possibilities. Here are six gift ideas for Lego lovers that explore the outer limits of the new Lego universe.

For Little Kids

The rounded, extra-large pieces of the Lego Duplo Build and Play Cubes ($11.40) make a starter set that’s just right for toddlers, who will love the functional windows in some of the cubes, and the little bear to go inside them.




Once your little kid has gotten the idea of this whole construction thing, they can go a wee bit bigger. The old-fashioned fun of the My First Circus ($24.59) includes circus performers, circus animals to ride on, flying flags and a marquee.



For Big Kids

Lego has also been busy partnering with some of the blockbuster franchises of our time. If you have a dedicated young Lego lover who likes “Star Wars,” for instance, there’s Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter ($137.41) and also Lego “Star Wars II – The Original Trilogy PC Game” ($8.34).





When I was small, the only thing missing from Legotown was the inhabitants. These mini-figures fixed that, and then went farther—you can now find mini-firemen, mini-mermaids, and even mini-dudes wearing lederhosen and holding large pretzels. (Once I found a roller-derby mini-figure, complete with lipstick, skates and a snarl.) They come singly, but how much more delightful to receive 22 of them at once, in this Fairytale and Historical Mini-figure set ($44.99).



For Kids at Heart

Here’s where I start quietly pasting items into my personal wish list. I found a Lego DeLorean Time Machine Building Set ($29.97) that made me want to take a wild ride back to the future.


Visit for more amazing Lego gifts for men, women, teens and kids.

Lavonne Leong lives with her husband and daughters in Honolulu, where she writes about arts, education, science, families, and yes, shopping. She’s the editor-at-large for San Francisco-based Red Bridge Press, and her first children’s book, Up in the Hawaiian Sky, was published in 2013.

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