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I always get swept up into the mania of the Summer Olympics. I love the variety of sports and all the back stories of the athletes. I especially love the events you only get to see every four years. So no doubt, my eyes will be glued to NBC to inhale as much Olympics as possible over the next few weeks.

In the spirit of the Olympics, I’ve found a few gold medal gifts and souvenirs that should help fans get the most out of these games.

The Olympics may start on the 27th, but I’ve been an Olympic athlete for the past few weeks. “London Olympics 2012” for XBOX is a game I’ve been devouring. With over 45 events and a dozen games optimized for Kinect, you really get the feeling you’re an athlete competing in London. I’m simply unbeatable in Diving and Archery right now.

These two Nike tees really hit the mark. Rooting for the USA in the JUST DO IT tee is as bold as it gets. For a little more understated look the USA London tee is simple yet classically let’s everyone know you’ve got Team USA’s back!

I love all the stories of the athletes and the rich history of the games themselves. As these Olympics unfold, you’re going to want a copy of “The Complete Book of the Olympics 2012 Edition” within arm’s reach. This is an amazing anthology of Olympic history from 1896 to 2008. Basically this is the Olympics bible.

Olympic pins have long been the collectible (and tradable) souvenir at the Olympics. There are a staggering number of pins available. I love the pins that showcase the host city’s style and flare. If you’re looking to start a London 2012 pin collection, check out the English Bobby hat pin.

Lastly, there’s something classic and summery about the Ralph Lauren Team USA cap. The hat is both a nice keepsake from the 2012 Summer games and a team supporting accessory you can wear for Olympics to come. Besides, can you ever have too many ball caps?

Want to see more Olympic gear? Check out all of our London 2012 gifts and souvenirs right HERE!



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