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Melissa Chapman is one busy lady! She regularly blogs about her marriage, family life, and everything in between at Married My Sugar Daddy and you can find her work in ABC News, Momtourage, Lifetime Moms, Babble, The Washington Post, Time Out NY Kids and iVillage. Thank you for contributing, Melissa!

Don’t get me wrong I love being a mother…most days. Honestly, I never knew I had the capacity to love another being as selflessly as I do my kids and I am forever awed by the fact that I created two little individuals who can be so charming, frustrating and disarming all at once. Despite how exhausting and oftentimes thankless being a mother may seem, when my kids put their arms around my neck and tell me they love me, all the chauffeuring, vomit cleaning, homework assistance, meal planning and refereeing seem to melt away. These two happy, little people I have sprung from my loins are daily reminders that the sacrifices and grinds that can sometimes make mothering feel like all work and no play are proof that ultimately its gifts are boundless.

And yet- in the same breath there are moments- though few and far between that I might hear the lyrics of a song or stand on my front porch at the peak of a crisp, early evening and for a split second feel like I’m back in my early 20′s when evenings signaled a freedom and possibility to be, explore or just relish in being as selfish and self-indulgent as I wanted to be( key word for buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and sit in bed watching marathons of Bewitched till I felt satiated).

Then, I became a mother and well- the opportunities to be as self-indulgent as I want have become as scarce as my ability to down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and not have it add 15 pounds to my butt by the next morning – unfortunately my metabolism at 38 is not burning calories as fast and furiously as it was in my 20′s. But there is something about indulging in certain pursuits and baubles (like a bottle of perfume or a colorful bauble) that are divinely egotistical. These are actions that are all about me-and as a mother sometimes the ability to separate who you are and what you need from the needs and wants of your kids is an impossibility, yet with a pump of spray- for those brief moments I indulge my passion-my love of sweet smelling scents- not to appease my kids- but to appease me, and it feels great.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, I want to help you embrace your inner single, indulgent-self- and pamper that woman inside who is not only an individual with wants and needs that deserve to be attended to. And yes – it might just be perfume- but if you see it as a metaphor for giving yourself permission to indulge- the possibilities are endless. So whether you gift yourself these sexy gifts or your partner gives them to you– they will help you amp up your sex quotient and make you feel like that sex kitten you are albeit covered in spit up breast milk or stuck behind the wheel of a car shuttling someone to yet another activity.

 SEXY PERFUME: These deliciously glorious scents care of two diva women who KNOW how to indulge their passions, will help bring the sexy out in every mama. Reveal the Passion by Halle Berry is for the mom who is full of confidence, endlessly elegant, and always the most intriguing person in the room. She knows intuitively that true passion is intertwined with untamed desire. Shine by Heidi Klum is a wonderfully feminine scent that encapsulates joyfulness, playfulness and authenticity. These perfumes won’t break the bank and will show the mama in your life that you appreciate exactly who she is.

SEXY BIKINI: Nothing says sexy mother’s day gift like an itty bitty bikini for your honey and a dip in the Jacuzzi that night! From the surf to the sand, eco-friendly, sustainable and stylish bikini line Odina Surf, can be mixed and matched to help mamas create the perfect look and hit the Jacuzzi or pool with confidence. All of Odina’s suits are tested by an elite team of Odina Surf Riders, female surfers from around the world including Hawaii and Australia that exclusively wear Odina, and test the functionality of the suits in action.

A SEXY GADGET! Every sexy mama needs a sleek and sexy gadget! The Samsung Galaxy Note incorporates the best features of both a phone and tablet in one super light, sleek device and is perfect for anyone looking to simplify their everyday tasks with one easy to use gadget! The Galaxy Note’s 5.3-inch high-resolution screen provides a bright, colorful viewing experience and creates a much clearer, vivid experience for eReading, watching videos and browsing the web. To further set this device apart from the crowd, the Galaxy Note includes a unique tool called the S Pen which allows you to create a handwritten notes or drawings that you can share via text, email or on a social network (perfect for a husband who wants to send those all important love notes to his sexy wife!) No need to carry around a digital camera anymore because the Galaxy Note includes an 8 megapixel camera for crisp photos which you can then draw directly on with the S Pen!

A SEXY KIMONO: This sheer, La Fee Verte Silk Kimono in Blue Gypsy Rose is 100% Silk and well it just SCREAMS SEX! Check out more sexy lingerie and sleepwear items from Forty Winks boutique’s online shop

The SEX BOX and Online Romance Helper! At, couples can manage the story of their love with videos, love letters, photos, romantic ideas and customized reminders, while keeping their relationships more private and secure than in common social networking sites. has a powerful message and unique benefit for couples at all stages of their relationship. Whether a couple is nurturing a new relationship or preserving an existing marriage, Lovendar makes it easy to proactively plan romance. offers integrated online and offline services, providing customized advice, a reminder system, and in-depth questionnaire to help identify commonalities and suggest ways to enhance and improve the quality of relationships. The system is designed to help couples better understand what makes their relationship work based on individual behavioral patterns. In addition to online help, Lovendar also offers a subscription based monthly “Lovendar Box” which includes hands-on activities for spending quality time with a significant other through communication, intimacy, romance and recreation. The box has monthly surprises and enjoyable experiences all geared towards maintaining a strong connection.

The SEXY self indulgent kit: Pure Romance has got you covered with their limited edition Mother’s Day kits which creates the naughty time out mom needs and craves! The best part of the gift? It can be used solo or with a partner – it’s truly a gift that keeps giving. With my Sweet Escape, moms can indulge in a luxurious shower-time experience with Pure Romance’s bath collection. Start with the rich lather of Excape bubble bath and shower gel, whose special formula includes invigorating pink champagne and ginseng for gorgeous skin. Follow your soak with a dab of Coochy rash-free shave lotion! Take advantage of your private tub time to enjoy the vibrating power of their Pleasure Puff loofah-ideal for exfoliating skin, soothing sore muscles, or pampering yourself any way you wish. Finish off with a spritz of Kiss body splash in the same sensual scent as Excape. The green and white tea extracts in Kiss will keep you feeling cool, refreshed, and rejuvenated-even when the attraction is sizzling!

A SEXY Game: All Things Equal produces a great board game for couples and make a fantastic gift. Adult Loaded Questions tests players (or significant others) on how well they know each other with more than 300 suggestively-silly questions. Examples: What is a sure sign you are dating a psycho? If you were an adult film star, what would be your screen name? What television show would you watch if it included full nudity?

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