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To honor this special day of unbridled indulgence in the company of family and friends, we are sharing our favorite Thanksgiving traditions. There is something that we each look forward to that says something unique about how we spend our holiday weekend. I’m sure you’re thinking of your own traditions right now. I would love to hear them all! Please share yours by commenting below.


“As Editor in Chief of Gifts.com, I can’t travel far during the holidays. So, after my husband & I were married we started the tradition of having his brother & now fiancé (Yay!) up to visit us from Washington D.C. They crash on our air-mattress & we do one super touristy New York outing together every year. I wouldn’t change this tradition for the world!” – Dana Holmes, Editor in Chief


“I spend my Thanksgiving at my in-laws in upstate NY where they have a very small Christmas tree farm. Each Thanksgiving I end up selling Christmas trees for a few hours the day after Thanksgiving. It’s not exactly a lucrative business, but families have been buying their trees at the farm since long before my in-laws moved in. It’s kinda fun. A car pulls up, and we head up onto a hill where all the trees are, they pick one out, we trim it down a little and tie it to the top of their car. It’s a lot of fun and certainly starts to get you in the holiday spirit.” – Dan T., Men’s & Gadgets Editor


“One of my favorite traditions on Thanksgiving revolves around the TV. We get up early to get the turkey started and the kitchen TV has the Macys Parade going strong. After the parade is over, the TV stays on showing the original Miracle on 34th Street while we continue to prepare the afternoon feast. By the time the movie ends, the food is well under way, and it’s time for a light nap with the Dog Show in the background. Then, we get showered and dressed so the real festivities can begin!” – Gillian J., Women & Home Editor


”I spend every Thanksgiving in New York, where I am lucky to have both friends and family. I spend Thanksgiving week at a different house each night, cooking delicious pies for all of them!” – Michelle D., Teen, Beauty, & Eco Editor


“I’m one of 5 and Thanksgiving is really the only time of year that my siblings and I get together. Every Thanksgiving we always spend the day drinking great wine and eating homemade food, it’s also the day we pick our secret Santa. I love Thanksgiving because its the only time of year that we are able to get together, catch up and drink!” – Liz T., Baby & Kids Editor


”My Thanksgiving tradition is that everyone brings over one dish that they want to make whether it is mashed potatoes or dessert the more help the better! We also watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade and look in awe at what Macy’s has in store for viewers this year!” – Felicia W., Gourmet, Pets & Flowers Editor


What is your Thanksgiving tradition?


Turkey in the featured image comes from our friends at foodimentary. http://foodimentary.com/2012/03/30/march-30-2-national-turkey-neck-soup-day/

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