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It’s National Umbrella Month! I guess it happens in March so we’re all prepared when those April showers arrive because there are so many sizes, designs, and materials out there that it seems like we should have added “find the perfect umbrella” to our New Year Resolutions. But, never fear! I’ve found a handful of umbrellas that will make finding your perfect parapluie a walk in the park.

#1 Most Unique

Perfect for the gardener, the Gerbera Daisy Umbrella brings May flowers to any rain shower with a larger than life photo of a gerbera daisy printed across the entire canopy. Other great features: auto open/close, wind-resistant fiberglass ribs, 22” closed. $30




#2 Most Travel Friendly

Travelers rejoice, finally there’s a travel sized umbrella made to last. It’s small enough to stow in your carry-on, and the Davek Travel Umbrella comes with an unconditional Lifetime Guarantee! Other great features: auto open/close, reinforced frame system, outstanding water repellency. $79






#3 Most Playful

I have always had trouble seeing where I’m going when walking into the wind on a rainy day. But, the Goggles Umbrella has a little goggle shaped window to peek through so you don’t run into oncoming pedestrians. Other great features: extra -long dome covering more of your hair & shoulders. $28








#4 Most Eco-Friendly

Want to do your part for the environment while braving its elements? The sunBrelli is yours. The classic Asian parasol design has spines & stem made of sustainable, renewable bamboo & cotton. And, it biodegrades in landfills faster than traditional umbrellas. Other great features: withstands up to 40mph, provides 99% UV protection, great for walking in the rain or on the beach. $70




#5 Most Tough

High winds can wreak havoc on your umbrella, and you, in a rain storm. The Blunt Classic Umbrella’s unique Radial Tensioning System makes the canopy aerodynamic and unflappable in up to 70mph winds! Other great features: comfortable handle, no sharp edges. $70



#6 Most Colorful

The MoMA Color Spectrum Travel Umbrella brings the rainbow during every storm. Inspired by the color wheel used by artists & designers, it’s “Small enough to put in a purse or briefcase, but opens to full-size protection…” Other great features: opens easily, compact. $25





#7 Most Romantic

Dream of feeling like you’re walking through a Jane Austen novel on misty days? The ultra-romantic, posh, pretty and protective Leighton Pagoda Stick Umbrella is perfect! Covered in delicate flowers on a white background, this makes a wonderful companion during spring and summer showers (and long walks through the gardens). Other great features: bamboo handle, easy manual open/close. $60






#8 Most Classic

This is my favorite because it’s mine! I like my umbrellas simple & chicly styled and made well so that I don’t have to replace it after 5 minutes of walking in city rainstorms. Lo and behold the Totes Wooden Stick Umbrella is my new BFF. I love that the shape is the quintessential umbrella, it matches everything, and the fiberglass spines that bend with the wind. Other great features: manual open/close means one less moving part that can break, timeless, feeling like Sherlock holmes (maybe that’s just me).





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