Kids’ Party Trends: Sea Inspired

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Treasure! A pirate cake by Meringue Bake Shop,

When I first started looking into trends for kids’ birthday parties, I knew it would be fun, but I wasn’t quite prepared for just how much fun! I did some serious digging to arm you with new, interesting themes that will stand out, and I discovered five terrific trends: woodland friends, camping, under the sea, pirates,and tie-dye. So far in my series of blogs, I’ve covered a colorful tie-dye party, complete with a swirled, psychedelic-looking cake. I also wrote about the trend of nature-themed parties, including a backyard camping concept and a woodland-inspired wonderland. Today we’ll hit all things sea-related. What kid doesn’t love the ocean and the magical world beneath its surface?


Under the Sea


Make an ocean necklace. Provide the kids with heavy-duty string and a bag of bulk shells pre-drilled with at least one hole for threading. You can buy bulk, pre-drilled shells online. You can teach older kids how to tie knots in between shells for more intricate designs. This craft project can double as the party favors—bonus!


Turn mini croissants into crabs by adding carrots for legs, red peppers for claws, and small pitted olives for eyes (attach them with a toothpick). And for dessert, stick Goldfish crackers on ocean blue iced cupcakes.


For favors, personalize pail and shovel sets with guests’ names. You can decorate the house with iridescent streamers and play pin the tail on the fishy.

Pirate Attack


A fun game is to host a treasure hunt, a.k.a. scavenger hunt, where the kids have to go around the yard or house looking for a list of things using a treasure map. They’ll search for things like a string of beads, a gold coin (chocolate of course), a skull ring, eye patches, etc. What they collect can be their favor to take home. Just be sure to get enough of each for everyone!


Sticking with the treasure theme, cover iced cupcakes with chocolate coins and edible glitter.


Make an “ahoy matey” banner for decoration. Make sure everyone gets an eye patch, too!

Check out our Kids’ Parties Pinterest Board and blog for more party ideas. And, see our top gifts for kids too. We leave you with some inspiration from the gorgeous blog, Bird’s Party:

kids-nautical-partyAhoy! These fabulous “Preppy Nautical”  ideas come courtesy of Bird’s Party. See more about the party at:



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