Kids’ Party Trends: The Great Outdoors

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kids-party-natureWhen I first started looking into trends for kids’ birthday parties, I knew it would be fun, but I wasn’t quite prepared for just how much fun! Forget those run-of-the-mill, standard, party ideas like pink cupcakes, crowns and princesses. I did some serious digging and now I can arm you with new, interesting themes that will stand out on the birthday party circuit. My first piece in this three-part blog series covered a tie-dye party theme, complete with a colorful, swirled cake. In this blog post, I’ll cover two more trends that seemed to go well together: Woodland Friends and Camping.

Theme 1: Woodland Friends

Your kids may be too young for The Hunger Games, but no child can resist the mystery and excitement of a magical forest themed party.


Instead of pinning the tail on the donkey, pin the tail on the squirrel or the antlers on the deer. Find a woodland inspired piñata for the kids to demolish in the back yard, too.


Make “acorns” by attaching a peanut chip to one side of a small peanut butter cookie as the stem and then attaching a chocolate kiss to the other side of the cookie as the acorn. Voila! How do you get them to attach? Here’s an easy recipe for acorn candies from Yum.



This is a good opportunity to introduce other woodland friends like deer, mushrooms, squirrels, or foxes, as I think we all could use a break from the owl parties. Try some forest inspired serving pieces, such as using a cut log as the cake stand or giving out forest creature-type party favors.

Theme 2: Camping

A camping themed b-day party doesn’t mean you have to go camping at all, though you could set up tents in your backyard and let the kids sleep out there. If you’re not up to hosting a sleepover party though, a day at the park is just as good.


Make a scavenger hunt of outdoorsy things for them to collect things like a leaf with three points, a cool rock, a pine cone, etc. You can give matching stickers for each item found. Everyone can then also make a little bird feeder. Here are some simple instructions for how to make a pine cone bird feeder from You could also teach the kids some camping songs.


For dessert, place rolled wafers on top of a chocolate-frosted cake to look like logs and use orange rock candy for flames. Or, you can try something like this campfire cupcake recipe. Serve fruit punch labeled “bug juice”, and for party favors, provide s’mores kits.




Decorating for the camping theme can be as simple as using logs as the centerpieces or setting up the back yard with tents around a fire pit for s’mores making. You can’t forget to make a camp banner that says “Camp (insert child’s name here).”

Check out our Kids’ Parties Pinterest Board for more party ideas! And, see our top gifts for kids too.


Gather around the Campfire ‘Smores cupcake by Betty Crocker.


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