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“USA!! USA!!” Is that just a chant you hear at sporting events, or is it a big-time gifting trend? As gift experts, we are constantly are on the lookout for the newest, most clever and coolest gift ideas. At the same time, we’re always searching for the bigger picture, the trends that are behind the gifts. One trend I’ve noticed is that gift buyers are seeking out great gifts that are made in America. Giving the perfect gift always makes you feel good, but when the present also helps maintain or create American jobs, support local artists, and keep traditions alive, doesn’t it feel even better? Here are seven made in the USA gifts I love.

The Star Spangled Spatula ($65) brings so many American images to mind. Frankly, does it get more American that flipping burgers on a summer day using a grill tool with the stars and stripes on it? Made of American walnut wood and stainless steel, the only thing better than this patriotic spatula is the grilled goodies it serves up.


A gift trend within a trend I’m seeing is the use of recycled and repurposed materials used in clever American-made gifts. The Recycled Fire Extinguisher Vase ($65)  is a perfect example of one such repurposed gift. Crafted from discarded fire extinguishers, the industrial design is softened with a one-of-a-kind paint job. It would look great filled with flowers or without, as a standalone design element.


I’ve given luggage tags many times as gifts. Avid travelers love getting them because the tags take such a beating; everyone always needs a new one. These engraved brass luggage tags ($39) solve the problem. They have a classic look and are durable enough to take plenty of wear and tear.


This stoneware planter ($69)  would be ideal as a housewarming gift, because it can be personalized with the recipient’s home address. Guru tip: present it already planted with a beautiful seasonal plant or flowers.


The “Apple Tree To Be Kit” ($22) contains everything your gift recipient would need to start a mini orchard. Yes, it may take a little more than a decade for the tree to flower and bear fruit, but the gift will always serve as a reminder of a very special someone (that’s you!) who gave such a thoughtful present.


“How bout something for the kids?” you say? How about a gift that’s in the National Toy Hall of Fame? A few years back, the iconic Original Big Wheel  ride-on toy ($49.99) was re-launched, and it’s only made in the U.S.A. Boy and girls ages 3 and up will love hitting the road on this timeless design.



Lastly, I’m not about to exclude pets in the Made in America gift party. For man’s (and woman’s) best friend, there’s the Found My Animal Rope Collar ($47.95) . Made of natural rope, leather and brass, this classic, nautical-inspired collar exudes old-school craftsmanship. A personalized brass tag can be added for $8 as well.


This is just an appetizer serving of all the American-made products we’ve dished up, so feel free to dig into a big serving of Made in the USA gift goodness. And visit our Pinterest board for finding the best gifts and everything else that is Made in the USA and inspired by the USA.





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