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Gifts are a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation for another person. However, without the right gift, your effort to portray this appreciation may fail to be received or seen by the person concerned. If you are searching for the perfect gift for a man, one thing you should know is that you will hardly go wrong with gadgets. This is because most men have an affinity for these items. Regardless of age, men love the thrill of getting the latest gadgets, and they are mostly passionate about everything technical from power tools to an iPad to a stereo system in their cars. Below is a list of popular gadgets gifts for men:


Laptop is a necessity for every working guy. There are many laptop models in the market today each offering unique features. Choose the one that fits your budget and has good features including Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 120 GB hard drive space, 2 GB RAM, and a pre-installed Windows Vista. If he enjoys gaming, you can also get him a gaming laptop. Some of the most popular laptops in the market today include Apple MacBook Air, Dell Inspiron 14z, Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and Samsung Series 7 Gamer. Also make sure to look for a newegg coupon to save money on your electronic gifts.


One of the hottest gadget gifts for men in the market today are tablets. By getting him an iPad, he will be able to do almost everything with it from surfing the Internet to playing games, managing business documents, writing mails, playing music and watching movies. If you cannot afford the iPad, you can get tablets from other companies such as Toshiba (Toshiba Excite AT275T16 7.7-Inch Tablet) and Samsung (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ).

Smart phones

This would be a great gift for men who love touch screen and smart phones. Like tablets, they offer many features that men would love to have in their personal gadgets that enable them to better communicate, work, and get entertained. Smart phones provide Internet access, a variety of web applications, and features for watching videos and listening to music. Some of the most popular smart phones you can get for a man include Samsung Galaxy S III, iPhone 5, and HTC One X.

3D TVs

3D televisions are popular for their real tactility and large screens. They are therefore one of the greatest electronic gadget gifts you can get for a man especially those who love gaming and watching movies. Examples of 3D televisions you can get are 31″ OLED TV from LG and DT30 series LED TV from Panasonic.

Other gadget gifts for men.

a. Navigation (GPS): These are satellite-based mapping devices that help users with directions. This is a perfect gadget gift for men who constantly travel or shy away from asking for help when lost.

b. Sports Gifts: If the man is a sports fan, get him equipment for sporting or athletic events that matches his preferences.

c. Watches: These are a necessity for every man, especially those who have busy schedules and tend to frequently travel.

d. Power Tools: If he is a handy man, amuse him by getting him hand-held tools from the brand he trusts.


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