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Last week, the Gift Guru team attended the Time to Play 2011 Holiday Showcase which showcases all the hottest toys for holiday. Besides announcing the “Most Wanted” toy list a.k.a all the toys your kids will be demanding in the coming months, we also got to play with all the toys first-hand to see if they’re worth all the hype.

We’re really excited about the selection this year. It’s a good mix of traditional toys like board games and dolls, and more techy and gadget driven toys. So in addition to “most-wanted list”, we decided to share some of our favorite toys from the show, that we think are worth the bang for their buck and all around quality gifts.


Wild Planet Spy Gear Capture Cam

A nosy little brother’s ultimate weapon, this spy camera uses motion sensors to automatically take a series of snapshots whenever it senses movement. Did I mention it’s completely silent?

Kids can hide it in their rooms and it’s small enough to go unnoticed. It easily connects with a USB cable so they can view and edit their stealthy shots. And for under $30, this “spy-technology” won’t break the bank, but it will break your privacy! Siblings beware. Ages 8 +

Dixit Storytelling Game

When it comes to board games, I like any company that thinks outside the box. Dixit is a creative storytelling game that’s great for all ages. To play, one person is selected as the “storyteller” and chooses from one of their six illustrated cards, then makes up a sentence about that card.

Then the other players have to choose from their six cards, which one closest relates to that sentence and give them to the storyteller. After the deck is shuffled, all of the players must decide from the cards displayed, which one best matches the storyteller’s sentence.

It’s a fun and unique game of visual cues and encourages creative thinking, so naturally it’s already a big hit in classrooms around the country. Ages 8+


These tiny collectible, robotic bugs were a massive hit last Christmas, and they’re back with cool new playsets and seasonal special editions. Just in time for Halloween, they’ve released the new Halloween Zombie Nano Hexbug, which glows in the dark and comes encased in its own tiny coffin.

Also be on the lookout for a new Christmas Ornament Nano Bug, both are sure to be a big hit as party favors and stocking stuffers. Ages 5 +


Crayola Jewelry Boutique

Jewelry making kits are always a hit with creative girls and this new kit from Crayola takes it one step further, allowing kids to create their own beads from scratch. Using their model magic dough, girls can use the spinner tool to roll out different bead styles and make swirly color combinations.

It also comes with a storage tray, clasps for connecting necklaces and bracelets, jewel-shaped form cutters, charms and even a cute stand to display their work. For the finishing touch, simply hang you creations up to dry and apply a shiny glaze and start accessorizing! Ages 6 +

 Razor Bogo Pogo

An oldie but a goodie, the pogo stick has been given an extreme makeover with the new Bogo Pogo stick by Razor.

What makes this stick reach new heights is its flexible spring-bow that encourages safe and smooth jumping, developed at Carnegie Mellon University. Plus it can hold up to 140 lbs, so even big “kids” can go for a ride! Ages 6 +

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