National Hamburger Month!

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In my book, few things beat a great hamburger. So imagine my excitement, when I found out that May is National Hamburger Month! So what’s one to do to observe National Hamburger Month? First thing. Eat a lot of hamburgers!  Next thing?  As a gifting expert, it makes some sense to do a quick run down of some of our favorite hamburger-related gift ideas.

First, author George Motz’s amazing “Hamburger America” tracks down 150 of the nation’s best burgers. Live vicariously through his travelogue and try not to slobber on the pages.

Next, I can speak for all dads* when I say any Father’s Day gift which takes burger grilling to the next level, is gift dads will really appreciate. Behold the Burger Gift Set from Williams-Sonoma. The set includes a burger press, burger seasoning, gourmet mustard and ketchup and a butcher’s style serving towel.

* This statement not factually accurate at all.

Need another? The King or Queen of the Grill is only as good as his or her tools. Add this old-school hamburger flipper into the grill-side arsenal, and everyone will know you mean (burger) business.

And some may want to wear the love for burgers. For them there’s this burger tee. It’s a good looking yet simple statement tee for sure, but wouldn’t it look a little better with some ketchup and mustard stains on it?

Lastly, any burger maker worth their weight in ground beef has to have a good burger press. Without one your burgers lack the comfort that comes with biting into that familiar patty form. My brother in-law’s burgers sometimes look like the shape of Michigan.  Great state – not so good burger shape.

Here’s a bonus gift, and a free one at that. We recently had BBQ champ Andy Husbands give us some grilling tips. Check out his tip on how to make a ho-hum burger into an amazing Juicy Lucy!

But it all begs the question, who’s got the best burger?! For me, four places come to mind. My close-to-work place is definitely the DoubleShack Burger from Shack Shack. The “#7” a.k.a. the “Big D” Chili Cheeseburger from Duchess in CT is my childhood, nostalgic burger. My west coast burger is, of course, is In-N-Out’s Double Double Cheeseburger and my “on vacation” burger is the “Willy Burger” from Wild Willy’s in Maine.

Maybe the most inspiring hamburger gift we can give each other is the name and place of your favorite burger joint(s). Let us know!

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