National Potato Chip Day!

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Today is National Potato Chip Day, and as far as I’m concerned, it should be a federal holiday! There’s no way around it. I love potato chips, and I certainly won’t be shy about taking a day to highlight and indulge in their awesomeness.  So on this hallowed day dedicated to the patriarch of snack foods, I hereby submit my (current) list of 10 truly sublime chips…in no particular order:


1. “Maui Onion” from Dirty Potato Chips…love the sweetness of the onion on potato-y, salty, goodness.

2. “Dill Pickle” from Lays…Dill is such a great flavor- and it works amazingly well on a chip.

3. Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips…a perfect everyay chip. They remind me of summer vacations in Maine.

4. “Salt & Pepper” chips from Herr’s…pepper is another flavor I savor. A little like a baked potato on a chip.

5. “Molten Hot Wings” chips from Ruffles…there are days I wonder if I could eat more chips or wings in one sitting.

6. “Salt & Vinegar” from Kettle Brand…Salt & Vineagar is my favorite flavor of chip. Kettle Brand does it the best.

7. “Heinz Ketchup” chips from Herr’s…bonus points for creativity. Tremendous flavor- it’s like french fries in ketchup…times 10.

8. “The Crab Chip” from UTZ…the crab seasoning on a chip is a genius combo. I can eat my weight in these.

9. “Spicy Thai” chips from Kettle Brand…these ARE the cliched “next level”! Unique and exepected. Spicy but nicey.

10. “Tangy Carolina BBQ” from Lays…found this one recently. A sweeter, vinegary twist on the classic BBQ flavor.

While there’s seems to be little lacking in the chip flavor creativity department, I do pray to the chip gods that one day two chip styles will be created. First, a Thanksgiving Day chip with flavors of turkey, gravy, cranberry and of course potato all in the mix. And second I’d love to taste a Sriracha flavored potato chip. Dare to dream.

So, it’s your time to chime it. What’s your favorite potato chip?


(Chip illustration via Hagen Illustration)

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