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After combing the 375,000 square feet of floor space at the Toy Fair 2014 and visiting a few off-site showrooms, we couldn’t help but find a few (hundred) toys that we got really excited about. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t come out until the summer or fall, slated to be out in plenty of time for Christmas. So, to keep things simple, we’ll just share a few awesome toys that you can get now at Gifts.com. But keep checking back on Gifts.com for slide shows and gift guides galore as all of our favorite finds from the Toy Fair get added to the site over the next few months.

SkipHop Zoo Travel Blankets ($20):
The characters that we know and love by SkipHop cleverly made into an attached pocket that the blanket folds right into, forming a plush pillow.  They have a special kind of Velcro on the pocket that is completely smooth to the touch so that no one will get hurt and it won’t collect lint. We have no idea how it works, but it is genius!


Little Tikes Touch n Go Racer ($12.99):
These offer amazing play value for the price! They have little touch sensors that let small hands make real sounds. Touch the key and hear the engine start, tap the hood and hear the motor rev, rub the lines on the back and watch it go. These were so much fun to play with and there will be more cars in the line in time for the holidays. Little boys will go nuts for these!


My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash doll and pony ($19.99):
The Equestria Girls are part girl, part pony and all amazing. The Rainbow Dash doll comes with a pet pony, or in this case unicorn, too! Little girls will squeal over the colorful locks, er manes, and coordinating fashion. We’ll have it on Gifts.com soon, but you can get your fix now with this version, which does not come with the pony, Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash.


NerfCam Blaster ($79):
One toy that we can’t help but mention, even though it isn’t available until the fall, is the NerfCam Blaster. It is truly amazing. It’s a Nerf gun that comes with a built-in HD video camera for taping your battles and an easily removable SD card for simple uploads to your social network or device of choice.



Stay tuned for more toy ideas on Gifts.com, inspired by the latest offerings at the Toy Fair 2014.


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