Perfect Portions with Super Scoopers

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The Gift: Super Scoopers (available now for around $10 for a set of 4)

The Scoop: We are an ice cream family- which is a good thing! But we also realize it’s smart to be judicious with the serving sizes we give our kids. Enter Super Scoopers! Super Scoopers are colorful, plastic (100% BPA free and dishwasher safe) single-serving scoops that are just the right size for kids- and adults.

No need for bowls or spoons, just scoop are serve. Yeah, there might be times when seconds are warranted, but the built-in portion control means everyone can enjoy a little ice cream without the caloric guilt. We’ll all scream for ice cream with Super Scoopers!

A Great Gift For: A great host/hostess gift for families with young kids (and a sweet tooth)! A good idea as a self-gift for ice cream lovers.

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