Perfect Summer Toy: Z-Curve Bow for Kids

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Last winter, when things when things could not get colder, wetter, darker, or more snow-covered, I vowed that the Summer of 2011 would be dedicated to spending every moment possible having fun outdoors.

Once the weather started to get nice, I realized that a promise to spend tons of time outdoors in some ways, is only as good as the toys and tools you have on hand to keep the kids from wanting to head back inside.

ZING Toys to the rescue!

ZING Toys has created super fun, kid-safe versions of a bow and arrow set and slingshot that have proven to be big-time winners with the kids this summer.

The Z-Curve Bow is huge outdoor fun. The Z-Curve Bow is a kid-safe archery set that can powerfully launch the foam tipped darts up to 125 feet. The very impressive dart velocity is matched by the set’s accuracy. While designed for those 8 years old and up, I recommend some parental supervision for the younger ones with this one just to make sure safe objects are targeted. For example, soda cans, trees, paper targets are good. Pets, people, objects at close range are not good. While kids will love the Z-Curve Bow, I must admit I’ve had to use the bow for some off-label use for in-office fun. No, I do not condone indoor use of the Z-Curve, but yes, it was lots of fun watching co-workers run for cover.

Almost equally as much fun is the Zing-Shot. A toy version of the classic sling shot, the Zing-Shot shoots red foam balls up to 45 feet. Once the foam balls easily thread into the elastic bands, so all you have to do is just pull back and let ‘er rip! Just like the Zing-Shot’s big brother the Z-Curve, we’ve had a lot of fun with target games. Our favorite has been using the top of a garbage can as the target. It’s a good sized target that provides an nice THUMMP! when hit.

So if you’re lacking ammo in your battle to keep outdoor fun exciting and fresh, you should think ZING!

(Disclosure: ZING Toys has provided a Z-Curve Bow and a Zing Shot for review)

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