Planning an 11/12/13 Wedding

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planning-11-12-13Deciding on a memorable wedding date can be nerve-wracking. For some of us, it’s hard enough to remember our own birthdays, let alone the birthdays of our parents, siblings, and significant others. Then throw first date and wedding anniversaries into the mix and, well, good luck! But fear not, there’s a solution. Choose an easy wedding date, like I did when I got married on 10/10/10. According to the David’s Bridal “What’s on Brides’ Minds” 2013 Survey , “40 percent of brides considered planning their wedding on a special date.” Which brings me to this year’s special wedding date: 11/12/13. According to the same survey, “as of July 1, approximately 1,650 brides will be married on 11/12/13 and you can bet that number will increase as the date nears.” To find out what all the hype is about, I spoke to several wedding planners working on 11/12/13 weddings.

As adorable as this quirky date is, 11/12/13 happens to fall on a Tuesday, which is a game changer for some. Marriage proposal and engagement expert Sarah Pease of Brilliant Event Planning thinks “people planning weddings on a date like this often fall into two categories: young couples without big budgets, and those having smaller weddings.” For the latter, maybe it’s a second marriage, or an elopement. That way, the fact that the chosen date falls on a weekday isn’t an automatic deal breaker as it might be otherwise. And a weekday wedding, as you can guess, is infinitely cheaper than one held on a Friday or Saturday night.

For many couples, a big part of choosing special dates like 11/12/13 is finding unique ways to commemorate them. Pease has noticed a lot of people including the date in their stationery. Wedding planner Anthony Navarro of Liven it Up Events added that “maybe 50-50, people still do monograms of their initials, and often when they marry on these special dates, they intertwine the date with their initials.” Stationery includes invitations of course, but it can also include save the dates, menu cards and place cards. A slightly more DIY approach that doesn’t involve hiring a professional is to create custom stamps.

Some other ideas for 11/12/13 include a projection of the date on the dance floor, or a wedding cake topper of the date. For serious foodies, try a tasting menu with 11 courses, 12 kinds of dessert at the sweets table, and 13 cocktails on the drink menu. There are tons of other simple ways to squeeze the date into your wedding scheme. You could correlate the number of tables, members in the wedding party, and types or numbers of flowers in the bride’s bouquet with the date. And for wedding favors, each guest could receive three mini Chinese take-out boxes filled with 11 tea blooms, 12 chocolate kisses and 13 candy hearts, respectively.

One thing is for sure, it’s not every day that magical dates like 11/12/13 come along, so it’s great to take advantage of them while they do. For more wedding inspiration, check out our Wedding Beautiful Pinterest Board and wedding etiquette guides.

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